James Bay, Galapagos

A large sheltered bay on the northwest of Santiago

James Bay, Galapagos
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James Bay (named after King James of England) is a large and sheltered bay on the northwestern coast of Santiago (previously known as James Island). Charles Darwin writes about his visit to James Bay as he made landfall on Santiago here during his famous voyage on the Beagle.

This wide bay has three visitor sites, one at Espumilla Beach on the northern side of the bay, and two that are accessed from Puerto Egas on the southern side.

A popular destination for most cruises, the waters of the beaches here are good for snorkeling, and the inland sites have a good variety of bird life to explore.

Photos of James Bay

Highlights at James Bay

  • Espumilla beach with flamingo lagoon
  • Puerto Egas with Fur Seal Grotto
  • Puerto Egas with Salt Mine Volcano

Possible Activities

Hiking, Snorkeling

Map of James Bay

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