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Choose the fare to suit your need

Flexible Booking Conditions for your trip to Galápagos

When booking your Galápagos Cruise with us, you have the option to chose between two different fare types:

El Chato Giant Tortoise Reserve

CLASSIC Fare is our value option. It allows you to rebook for a low fee or get an 80% refund up to 65 days before your tour.

FLEXI Fare offers you added flexibility up to 65 days before departure: it allows you to rebook your tour for a low fee, or even to cancel it against the value of the Flexi surcharge! Additionally, you can even cancel your trip up to 30 days prior to departure and still get a 50% refund.

CLASSIC: our value fare

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Standard Rebooking

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Early-Bird Cancellation

Isabela Urbina bay -  samba galapagos cruise - gal0052

Standard Rebooking: Rebook your trip up to 65 days before departure for a fee, starting at €75. After 65 days, a rebooking is not possible any more.

Early-Bird Cancellation: Cancel for an 80% refund up to 65 days before departure. From then on, a cancellation is still possible, but will result in only 5% refund.

FLEXI: for complete peace of mind

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Cheaper rebooking up to 65 days prior to departure

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More flexible refund options

Isabela Urbina bay -  samba galapagos cruise - gal0052

Rebook for a low fee up to 65 days before departure, after which rebooking is not possible anymore.

Cancel last-minute: You will only pay the value of the FLEXI surcharge up to 65 days before departure, should you need to cancel. Additionally, we’ll even refund 50% right up until 30 days before you go.

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How to find your Galapagos cruise

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1. Filter all routes and ships according to your interests

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2. Consult with one of our Galapagos experts

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3. Save your spot on the cruise you love, for free, for up to ten days

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