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Galapagos Mid Range Cruises

A selection of the best mid-range Galápagos cruises

What length of mid-range Galápagos cruise can I book?

At Galapatours we offer a wide range of itineraries for our mid-range Galápagos cruises. Just like with our First-Class, Luxury or Budget Galápagos cruises we only choose ships that offer the best and most flexible itineraries.

You will find that it's usually possible to book 2 week (or 15 day) Galápagos cruises for most mid-range ships. This will give you the ultimate experience of the Galápagos islands, and is perfect for those who want to get a real insight into the nature and geography of this remarkable and unique archipelago.

Our 7 day Galápagos cruises are very popular. Guests find that a one week cruise offers a good balance between cost and excursions, and by choosing a mid-range Galápagos cruise over a First-Class ship you can increase that cost-benefit even further.

A short Galápagos cruise is popular for those who are visiting the islands as part of a larger South American adventure, and who are only able to spend a shorter amount of time in Galápagos. Our 4 day and 5 day cruises are ideal for those on a tighter schedule, and the benefit of choosing a cruise over a hotel-based stay is that you will see far more of the islands on a ship even on these shorter cruises.

Speak to one of our amazing team of Galápagos travel advisors today to find out more about the different itinerary lengths that are available among our Galápagos cruise fleet.

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Is a mid-range Galapagos cruise right for me?

Our mid-range Galápagos cruises the most popular among our clients. For many people, they represent the best mixture of value for money and comfortable adventure travel.

A mid-range cruise sits between our Budget Galápagos cruise offerings and a First-Class Galápagos cruise in terms of pricing and features. On a mid-range cruise vessel, you are likely to find cabins with twin or double beds and private bathrooms, with more space than on a budget class ship. Cabins may be below the waterline, in which case you may have small porthole windows, or above decks in which case you will have larger windows or portholes, although unlikely to enjoy the panoramic windows on First-Class ships and above.

The decor on mid-range Galápagos cruise ships will be tasteful and usually modern, but it will lack some of the opulence and luxurious touches of the more expensive vessels. You will find more communal space on a mid-range Galápagos ship than on a budget cruise ship, and you can expect to find sun decks and possible al fresco dining areas, as well as plenty of comfortable seating and loungers, etc.

When it comes to food, a mid-range Galápagos cruise will offer a varied menu of international and local dishes, often served in informal buffet style. The food will be of good restaurant quality but might lack the presentational flair and complexity of that on a first-class Galápagos cruise.


When it comes to itineraries, excursions and naturalist guides you will find these are all very good on a mid-range Galápagos cruise. You may also find that your boat has some extras such as kayaks for guests to use, paddle boards, or complimentary snorkel gear. You will be able to visit all the popular visitor sites and you will be able to enjoy close encounters with the unique Galápagos wildlife.

How do I book a mid-range Galapagos cruise with Galapatours?

We've made our site the most comprehensive listing for mid-range Galápagos cruise vessels there is! The first step is to use our clever filters to narrow down your search by dates, budget, class of cruise, and then any of the other special filters you wish to use. These include islands visited, wildlife encounters, type of ship and much more.

If you need more information about any aspect of a Galápagos cruise you can consult our comprehensive FAQ, or you can call or live chat with one of our expert Galápagos travel advisors. Everyone at Galapatours is passionate about Galápagos, and we visit the islands several times a year to talk to our boat owners and operators and to ensure all of our hand-picked mid-range Galápagos cruises are perfect.

Once you've found the perfect cruise for you, you only need to pay a 20% deposit with your booking to secure your places on your trip of a lifetime. We will send you all your booking confirmations electronically, including handy guides for your journey like our useful Galápagos cruise packing list and more.

The balance of your mid-range Galápagos cruise is then not due until 80 days before your boat is due to set sail, giving you plenty of time to sort everything out for your adventure. If you've booked one of our last minute Galápagos cruise deals then you'll need to pay the complete cost with the booking to secure the trip because of the short timescales involved.

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