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Genovesa Island, Galápagos

The Bird Island

What you need to know about Genovesa Island, Galápagos

Genovesa Island is a circular island with a dramatic horseshoe bay that sits to the northeastern of the Galápagos. Its distinctive shape is the result of the collapse of a large volcanic crater, and this resulted in the formation now known as Darwin Bay, which is surrounded by steep cliffs that provide homes for many different seabirds.

In the centre of the island is Lake Arcturus, which is a salt-water crater lake. Genovesa's volcano hasn’t erupted in recorded history, but there is some evidence of more recent lava flows in some places so it's not yet extinct. Genovesa has the well-earned nickname of “The Bird Island” because of the vast numbers that nest here. You can’t fail but but be impressed with the huge numbers of Frigatebirds, Nazca-Boobies and Red-footed Boobies, Swallow-tailed Gulls, Storm Petrels, Red-billed Tropicbirds, finches, and mockingbirds, among many other species that you can see when you visit.

Genovesa is one of the few islands in the Galápagos where Red-footed Boobies are found in very large numbers. On shore, the island’s only reptiles are her native Genovesa Marine Iguanas, the smallest species in the whole Galápagos.

Interesting facts about Genovesa Island

Her circular shape is because she was formed from the caldera of a volcano

Home to many species of seabirds who love her high cliffs for nesting

Thousands of Ladybirds were released here to control invasive pests

One of the few islands that is home to Red-Footed Boobies

Pictures of Genovesa Island, Galápagos

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Animals you might see on Genovesa

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