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4 Day Galapagos Cruises

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Is a Galapagos 4 day cruise right for me?

A 4-day Galápagos cruise is perfect for people who want to visit Galápagos as part of a bigger South American trip that takes in Ecuador. We must warn of one thing, however, if you are thinking about taking a 4-day Galápagos cruise… you will be left wanting more! We've lost count of the number of clients who contact us as soon as they get back from their short Galápagos cruise asking us to book them on a longer one next year.

For help in choosing the perfect 4-day Galápagos cruise just phone or live chat one of our expert Galápagos travel advisors today.

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Why should I book my 4 day Galápagos cruise with Galapatours

We pride ourselves on being Galápagos cruise experts - it's what we do! We're a specialist travel company that doesn't offer any other kind of travel service except Galápagos cruises. We deal directly and personally with the Galápagos cruise operators and boat owners, and we've visited every single ship in our curated fleet, which is why our ship listings are the most thorough and complete you'll find. That's why we're the perfect partner to choose to book a 4 day Galápagos cruise.

But there's more… we're a German company headquartered in Berlin, and we operate under German and EU law. This means that in all circumstances your money and your holiday is safe, even in the unlikely event of a corporate bankruptcy or financial distress. This gives you peace of mind that your trip of a lifetime taking a short Galápagos cruise is guaranteed to take place.

Finally, we're personal. Our Director, Benno, is proud to put his direct email address on our website and loves to speak to clients and potential clients himself. When you call or live chat with us you are talking to real people with a deep understanding, love and first-hand experience of the Galápagos. Our team is small, but perfectly formed - and we'd love to help you plan your ideal short Galápagos cruise today!

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

What's the best time of year for a 4 day Galapagos cruise?

The Galápagos islands straddle the equator, which means there's never a "bad" time to visit. Because a short Galápagos cruise does limit the number of islands you can visit we would suggest that you avoid September when the seas can be rough - as well as being uncomfortable for some passengers, it can slow the travel time between visitor sites.

Apart from that, the Galápagos wildlife is active all year round, and you will be able to see iconic species like Giant Tortoises, Galápagos marine iguanas, and Blue-Footed Booby at any time.

December to May is considered the "warm season", with temperatures averaging in the 90'sF, and the sea temperatures are their warmest - perfect if you want to enjoy a short Galápagos cruise with lots of snorkeling.

June to November is the "cool" season, although temperatures still average in the low-80'sF! This time of year tends to be cloudier, with occasional rain showers, and sea temperatures are at their coolest thanks to cold currents - but these bring nutrients to the surface so there is more sea life to be seen for divers and snorkelers.


In short, then, there is no bad time to plan a 4 day Galápagos cruise! However you really should book well in advance, as these 4 day cruises are very popular, and they sell out quickly during Christmas and New Year, Easter and July and August. Contact one of our Galápagos travel advisors today and let them help you plan the perfect short Galápagos cruise as part of your South American adventure!

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