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First Class Galapagos Cruises

A selection of the best First Class ships in Galápagos

What activities and excursions are there on a First-Class Galápagos cruise?

All out First-Class Galápagos cruises have excellent itineraries, with something for every kind of traveler. Whether you have a particular interest in birds or other specific Galápagos wildlife, or you are interested in conservation and the unique habitats here that are found nowhere else, or you are enthralled by the geology of this volcanic archipelago, there is a first-class Galápagos cruise for you.

Each of our first-class vessels will have a range of itineraries and a variety of visitor sites you can experience. By using our clever filters you can choose which islands you definitely want to visit, or which iconic species you simply must see, and our site will automatically search through all the first-class cruise itineraries that fit your dates and present them to you. You will be able to find a range of activities including hikes, snorkeling and swimming, shore visits, boat trips to the mangroves, relaxing on white sand beaches, and much more. It's the best way to plan your amazing first-class Galápagos cruise!

Need a little expert help? Then our friendly Galápagos travel advisors are just a phone call or live chat away. Everyone on our team is passionate about Galápagos, and we visit the islands several times a year. This means we have unrivalled knowledge about the islands themselves, the ships and the itineraries. We can help you find the perfect Galápagos adventure today!


What can I expect from a First-Class Galapagos cruise?

You can expect a wonderful time! All the First-Class ships in the Galapatours fleet will give you a superb Galápagos cruise experience and wonderful accommodation similar to that found in the best 5* hotels.

Many of the first class Galápagos cruise ships have been purpose-built for Galápagos, and have advanced features such as twin hull catamarans and stabilizers to make your cruise smoother and to minimise any problems with seasickness.

On board you will enjoy spacious cabins or staterooms with beautiful decor and facilities such as personal air conditioning, TVs, power points, and wonderful en-suite bathrooms. You'll find high quality linens and toiletries in your rooms, and there will be plenty of storage and large windows giving you amazing views.

A First-Class Galápagos cruise will provide lovely communal areas for relaxing with a drink, chatting to fellow passengers, or simply having a peaceful moment to yourself. Outside areas will have full sun and shade, and you may find an al fresco dining area and perhaps an outside bar, too! Your crew will offer you attentive service, and you will enjoy very high quality international and local cuisine as well as a good wine list on offer

For many people, a First Class Galápagos cruise offers the perfect way to enjoy the wonders of the Galápagos Islands in superb comfort without paying the top premium for a Luxury Galápagos cruise. If extra facilities such as hot tub jacuzzi and the largest suites with private balconies aren't so important to you, then a First-Class Galápagos Cruise will give you the luxury feel without the Luxury Cruise price tag!

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

What is the best time of year for a first-class Galapagos cruise?

The Galápagos is truly a year-round destination. Thanks to their location and position right on the equator, there is good weather and plenty of activity all year round.

The busiest times for visitor number to the Galápagos are Christmas and New Year, Easter and July and August. If you are looking to book a First-Class Galápagos cruise during these periods we recommend booking as far in advance as you can in order to secure your places on the ship and itinerary that you really want.

The warmest "season" runs from December to May, when sea temperatures are at their warmest, making this a great time for snorkelers - you may find you don't need a wetsuit at this time. If you're a fan of marine life, then the Galápagos weather between June to November sees slightly cooler air and sea temperatures (wetsuit almost certainly required) but the cold currents bring rich nutrients that attract the largest number of species.

Because of their remoteness, most of the iconic Galápagos species are endemic to the islands, and they are active all year round. No matter when you choose to travel, a first-class Galápagos cruise will give you an unrivalled way to see the best of the islands while enjoying a luxurious experience that will make memories to last a lifetime.

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