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Blue Footed Boobie Millennium
Gerda B.

January 2023

Mid Range Ship

Meine Katamaranfahrt ist leider vorbei. Es war wunderbar! Anbei mein Lieblingsfoto eines Blaufußtölpels. Sie haben einen tollen Job gemacht, das alles für mich in so kurzer Zeit zu organisieren.

Archipell Galapagos
Kasia Z.

December 2022

Mid Range Ship

Thank you very much for organising my cruise so quickly. I wanted to share the feedback after my experience on the Archipel. I had the most wonderful holiday- everything was just perfect! I will start with the Archipel's crew, as thanks to them, the cruise was so exceptional. They all were just excellent at providing outstanding costumer service, showing what hospitality stands for. Whole crew was very friendly, helpful, and looked after us so well. Our guide Carlos, was a star from the very beginning. He collected us all at the airport and announced that during our stay, we will be part of Galapagos, not tourists. Calling us 'family', he really made us feel as we were welcome there. On top of being highly knowledgeable, he speaks fluently English, and has some good sense of humour as well. Carlos was very professional, and communicated frequently and honestly with us. We always knew what to bring and what to wear for activities. He takes pride in his work, and surly will be inspiration for many visitors. The atmosphere was so friendly and relaxing, no rushing, no waiting, everyone equally amazed by the beauty of the enchanted islands, and happy that we had such a cool team. The chef made us fabulous meals, and he skillfully managed to deal with special dietary requirements (there was quite a lot of it). Everything was fresh, tasty and I'm currently working out, how to come to terms with not having delicious snack, and fresh juice or hot chocolate, after every activity! Our cabins were cleaned daily, turned down in the evenings, the lounge and common area immaculate at all times. Coffee, tea, biscuits available anytime, as well as cold beer and drinks from the bar. The panga drivers, captain and every single member of the Archipel's crew was amazing. Always with a smile. Archipel had all the facilities I needed. Fortunately we didn't spend much time on the ship, as we were constantly busy with activities. The weather was great as well, which helped. Snorkeling equipment provided was of good quality, and I quickly switched my new, annoyingly foggy mask, for the one provided. Luckily Carlos sorted my mask problem out with the flame trick. I spotted a shark immediately when I put head under the water! Having the kayaks to use was also great! The itinerary for 4 days was packed with highlights of the islands. I can't believe, how many species we saw in only four days! I loved that cruise and I return to Galapagos next year for longer.

la pinta yacht galapagos cruise - gal0104
Richa D

Luxury Ship

The trip was beyond magical! The snorkeling near Chinese hat and also the beach walk at the Lobos island was breathtaking. What a trip! It was very well planned with quality snacks and meals provided throughout.

Shane Dolan

Luxury Ship

Finally got to complete our trip to the Galapagos Islands which was canceled days before we were to set off in March of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. Finally, two years later we were ready to set off again and Galapatours were very helpful in working with us and our needs to rescheduling our cruise itinerary. All in all it was well worth the wait as we got to experience nature and the unique wildlife that you will never see anywhere else in the world. What a trip

Family Trip

Luxury Ship

Gracias, danke, thank you! Our family had an awesome 8 days on the luxury yacht Passion. 8 days of hikes, 6 days snorkeling with sea turtles, sea lions, penguins, reef sharks, greeted aboard with warm towels. Gourmet meals. The trip of a lifetime!

We make booking your Galápagos Cruise easy

A Galápagos cruise is the perfect way to see everything the Galápagos Islands have to offer. You will explore the beauty of the archipelago, its wildlife, and habitats accompanied by an expert multilingual naturalist guide whose knowledge will bring the “cradle of evolution” to life. Galapatours hosts the only independent database of all 78 approved Galápagos cruise ships. We bring together every departure date and every route and itinerary, with daily updates on availability and pricing. We work directly with the owners and operators, which means we can find the very best prices on Galápagos cruises. If you’re planning to visit Galápagos, our unique system lets you find the perfect cruise easily thanks to the ability to filter all Galápagos cruises by date, cruise length, price - or even by the animals or visitor sites you can encounter! With Galapatours, you can find your dream trip to the Galápagos in just a few simple steps. Choose from 4-day, 5-day or 8-day cruises - or combine itineraries to create a stunning “trip of a lifetime” 2 week Galápagos experience. The vast majority of Galápagos cruise ships are small and exclusive motor yachts or catamarans that can only accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers, along with your guide and ship’s crew. All of our Galápagos cruises allow you to explore multiple islands and experience their wide variety of flora, fauna and landscapes. As well as many shore excursions, you can enjoy water-based exploring through snorkeling, swimming or kayaking. Your guide will brief you every day on what you can expect to see, and you will be enjoying excursions and activities from morning until evening. After a busy day, you can swap stories with like-minded travelers in the comfort of your luxury Galápagos yacht over drinks and gourmet-quality meals. A visit to these remarkable islands is high on many “must see” lists, and Galápagos cruises have become the most popular way to experience everything they have to offer. To protect the fragile and endangered wildlife and habitats, tourist access to Galápagos is strictly regulated, and visitor numbers are controlled. This means cruises can be booked out months in advance. At Galapatours, we recommend planning your Galápagos trip as far in advance as possible. If you’re ready to find out more, why not read our comprehensive Galápagos FAQ, browse through our cruise database, or call one of our friendly Galápagos experts today to find the perfect Galápagos cruise for you.

Who is Galapatours

We are proud to host the world's most complete database on Galapagos cruises. With daily updates to availabilities, prices and discounts, you can filter and compare all trips and easily find your dream Galapagos Cruise.

As an independent agency we work directly with the shipowners and agencies in Galapagos, which means we can find the very best prices and give unbiased recommendations, based our personal experience.

Our team consists of dedicated young travel addicts from all over the world, who have one thing in common: the passion for Galapagos and Sustainable Tourism! Whether from the US, Germany, Italy, Argentina or France: each of us wants to share with you his love for this unspoiled paradise that always inspires and surprises us anew. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion with you!

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