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We understand only too well. After all, there are more than 60 ships and over 500 routes to chose from when picking a cruise around the Galapagos Islands. Our expert team of Galapagos Cruise Specialists have extensive knowledge of the ships, their crews and the itineraries we offer, and will be glad to give recommendations based on first-hand experience. Click below to find what is arguably the most extensive and detailed database on Galapagos cruise vessels. When you inquire with us, know that we have no preferred operators, which means that we can match you to your perfect Galapagos cruise based on your tastes and budget without bias.

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What an unforgettable trip!
Our guide, Raúl, was extremely knowledgeable about all the birds, animals and history of the islands. Although I did not participate in snorkeling, others did and got a lot of great underwater pictures. I saw the giant tortoise, blue footed and red footed boobies, volcanic formations and other animals only found on the islands. My 7 days - 6 nights was just a perfect amount of time.
Galapatours picked the perfect route for us
The best vacation I've ever had. Everything was so well coordinated and the crew members did an amazing job. My partner and I had the most wonderful first vacation experience together. Luis, our host on the boat, was extremely energetic and very entertaining. The tour guides, Victor and Enrique, were also fabulous. It was amazing how much experience they had on the history and science behind Galapagos.
Galapagos was amazing!
We had a lot of fun on the Nemo III! The group and the pace of the trip were perfect for our young family. The crew was great and helped keep the trip interesting and exciting for our kids. Our guide kept the hikes engaging for our entire family and make the trip a truly memorable event for everyone.

What our customers say

Robert Pecoraro
Luxury Ship
Galapagos cruise of a lifetime! Thomas set up a Naturalist Cruise in the Galapagos on the Alya Yacht. The boat was amazing and the trip was actually better than my already high expectations. The decision to take this cruise was very last minute, and Thomas was able to get it all booked in a timely and efficient manner. I would certainly use Galapatours for any future travel, and I would recommend them if you are looking to travel to the truly Enchanted Islands of the Galapagos. Source: Google
Stacey M.
Luxury Ship
TRIP OF A LIFETIME We just returned from a 5-day cruise aboard the Grand Majestic, which we booked through Galapatours, and I can't even give it a high enough rating! If I could give higher than 5 stars I would! I was extremely pleased with the guidance we received from Thomas Richmond, who was very thorough and prompt answering my many questions at every step of the trip. It seemed like no matter what time of day I reached out, he responded within the hour. I know it's tricky business traveling during a pandemic, but let me say, this seems to be THE BEST TIME to go to the Galapagos... with hardly anyone else there. It was a magical experience for us... most of the places we went, we were the ONLY ship there. LOVED the size of our cruise... just 14 passengers on the Grand Majestic. PERFECT SIZE!!! The crew on the ship was remarkable... some of the hardest-working crew I've ever seen! The cruise was as luxurious as they promised... for example, you'd come back from snorkeling, step foot on the boat and they'd peel your wetsuit off of you, rinse your feet, hand you a towel and a hot chocolate and invite you up on deck for fresh-cooked snacks and fruit. INCREDIBLE FOOD, GORGEOUS ship (do you know you have a FULL-SIZE WALK IN SHOWER in your room? With a giant window so you can watch the scenery go by while you shower? DIVINE!). I truly cannot recommend this tour company or the Grand Majestic enough. We are so happy we decided to go and I will say that EVERYONE we encountered in the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador was THRILLED to have our business. Source:
Paulo B / Brazil
First Class Ship
Greatest diving experience!! I will give compliments and they will be as real and true as possible. Today with great conviction I can say that I had in all aspects one of the greatest experience of my life. The Tiburon Explorer crew, the attendance, the diving guides, and the diving experiences, were unprecedented. I have traveled to more than 120 countries but this was without a doubt my best experience. Source: Direct customer feedback
Luxury Ship
Excellent Guidance During COVID Times I worked with Thomas in booking our Galapagos cruise and it was an excellent experience! Thomas was very clear in his communication, and we booked a 5 night cruise on the Alya with him. Thomas was helpful in explaining all the current COVID requirements, even helping us to schedule someone from the lab to help us get tested at our Airbnb in Quito. He sent us all the paperwork required to enter the Galapagos so the whole experience was pretty smooth. We loved our time in the Galapagos! The Alya exceeded our expectations in every way, and it truly was the most memorable trip of our lives! We're grateful for Thomas' guidance along the way, since it is definitely challenging to travel with so much uncertainties right now. Source: TripAdvisor
Robin V
Mid Range Ship
An overall wonderful experience I would recommend everyone My wife and I decided after a long hesitation that we'd go to the Galapagos Islands. We booked the Bonita Galapagos Cruise, a new ship with not much reviews so we were quite cautious. Well... fast forward to the day we stepped foot on board, we immediately were blown away by how beautiful the ship was. It was obvious that this ship was brand new. If it wasn't for the ship, I wouldn't be able to tell it was a new cruise. The crew was very friendly and experienced, it was clear that this wasn't their first cruise.. If you're in the same boat as us, doubting whether to go or not: definitely do it. You will not regret it! Source: TripAdvisor

We make booking your Galápagos Cruise easy

A Galápagos cruise is the perfect way to see everything the Galápagos Islands have to offer. You will explore the beauty of the archipelago, its wildlife, and habitats accompanied by an expert multilingual naturalist guide whose knowledge will bring the “cradle of evolution” to life. Galapatours hosts the only independent database of all 78 approved Galápagos cruise ships. We bring together every departure date and every route and itinerary, with daily updates on availability and pricing. We work directly with the owners and operators, which means we can find the very best prices on Galápagos cruises. If you’re planning to visit Galápagos, our unique system lets you find the perfect cruise easily thanks to the ability to filter all Galápagos cruises by date, cruise length, price - or even by the animals or visitor sites you can encounter! With Galapatours, you can find your dream trip to the Galápagos in just a few simple steps. Choose from 4-day, 5-day or 8-day cruises - or combine itineraries to create a stunning “trip of a lifetime” 2 week Galápagos experience. The vast majority of Galápagos cruise ships are small and exclusive motor yachts or catamarans that can only accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers, along with your guide and ship’s crew. All of our Galápagos cruises allow you to explore multiple islands and experience their wide variety of flora, fauna and landscapes. As well as many shore excursions, you can enjoy water-based exploring through snorkeling, swimming or kayaking. Your guide will brief you every day on what you can expect to see, and you will be enjoying excursions and activities from morning until evening. After a busy day, you can swap stories with like-minded travelers in the comfort of your luxury Galápagos yacht over drinks and gourmet-quality meals. A visit to these remarkable islands is high on many “must see” lists, and Galápagos cruises have become the most popular way to experience everything they have to offer. To protect the fragile and endangered wildlife and habitats, tourist access to Galápagos is strictly regulated, and visitor numbers are controlled. This means cruises can be booked out months in advance. At Galapatours, we recommend planning your Galápagos trip as far in advance as possible. If you’re ready to find out more, why not read our comprehensive Galápagos FAQ, browse through our cruise database, or call one of our friendly Galápagos experts today to find the perfect Galápagos cruise for you.
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Galapatours is a booking portal specialized on expedition cruises to the Galapagos Islands. Our vision is to become the world's leading reference for cruises in the beautiful Galapagos Archipelago. As such, we pride ourselves in having the most complete database of all Galapagos Islands, animals and - most importantly - cruise ships, including routes, departure dates, prices, discounts and available cabins. We make a big effort to understand the underlying ideas and philosophy of each route and each ship, and care a great deal about sustainable tourism. Ask us anything, we’ll be thrilled to help!
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