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Galapagos Cruises for Solo Travelers

All our ships that offer single cabins with no supplement

Single Traveler in Galapagos? You have three options:

Share a cabin. This is the most popular option as it gives you the widest choice of cruises and the cheapest prices. All our cruises are action-packed and you'll spend most of your time off-board and out of your cabin anyway, hiking, snorkelling and exploring. So if you're looking for a short trip or a great deal, this is the way to go.

Book a whole cabin for yourself. If you are willing to pay a premium for more privacy, you can choose to book an entire cabin for yourself by paying a 'single supplement'. This supplement is typically 50-100% of the second cabin space. If you want to have a lot of choice and compare many options, this is your best option.

Book a cruise where a single cabin is available. There aren't many ships in the Galapagos that offer single cabins, and they tend to fill up quickly. However, there are some ships that offer single cabins! The downside here: If you limit your search to just these ships, you'll exclude other really great options and itineraries from your options, which would be a shame. On the other hand, if you're very flexible with your dates, this could be the best choice for you!

To start, we recommend you to filter by your desired time frame, using the filters on the left, below. You'll find there is a filter "Single Travellers can share a cabin" activated on the left. If you remove this filter, you'll see all available cruises, and not just the ones where the ship offers a single cabin.

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Are there any Galapagos cruise single cabin offers?

Yes there are. And what's more, thanks to our comprehensive database we can not only highlight Galápagos cruise ships with single cabins or who allow single occupancy but also those who don't surcharge you or add a single supplement for the privilege!

We're finding that the Galápagos Islands are becoming an increasingly popular destination for adventurous single travellers of all ages. We've put together some information in our Galápagos cruise FAQ for single travellers here.

Because Galapatours works directly with the boat operators and owners we are able to find cruises where there is either no, or very little, single supplement. Vessels with single cabins are rare, but we list them all, and these can be the perfect option for a solo cruise in Galápagos.

Alternatively, if you are prepared to share with another person of the same sex then we can provide you with twin or bunk accommodation in a standard cabin with no surcharge / no single supplement.

If you would prefer to have a double cabin to yourself then the single supplement for a Galápagos cruise ranges from about 20% up to 100% depending on the ship, accommodation type and class. For more information and help to find a Galápagos cruise with no single supplement contact one of our Galápagos travel experts today.

Can you find me a Galapagos cruise with no single supplement?

At Galapatours, we can! Our single cabin page shows all the cruise ships in the Galápagos fleet that offer single cabins with no single supplement or single occupancy surcharge. There aren't that many boats in the fleet with these facilities, but we have hunted them all down so you can enjoy the wonders of the Galápagos on a cruise without paying over the odds.

However, this isn't your only option. Because of our direct relationship with the boat owners and operators we've also been able to show you all the Galápagos cruises with a low single supplement / low single occupancy surcharge. This means you have a much wider choice of cruise options before you need to pay a 100% surcharge for a double cabin.

Offers change throughout the year, and sometimes low supplement or no supplement deals come to us as last minute Galápagos cruise deals, so it's always best to contact one of our Galápagos travel experts to get the very best Galápagos cruise single cabin deals.

What is the best time of year to get a Galápagos cruise single cabin deal?

The Galápagos Islands are an all-year-round tourist destination. There's no "bad" time to visit, and there's no real "peak" and "off-peak" season. Because of this, if you're looking for a Galápagos cruise with no single supplement then there's some availability all year round. Bear in mind, however, that Christmas, Easter and August do see peaks in traveller numbers, so if you intend to visit Galápagos during these times then booking well in advance is recommended.

One of our top tips for solo travellers is to be open to the idea of sharing a twin cabin with another person of the same sex. Almost all of the cruise ships in the Galapatours fleet offer this option, and it can be an excellent way to enjoy a larger cabin, and perhaps an upgrade in ship class, yet pay no single supplement for your Galápagos cruise.

For more information on single cabin availability or the options for cabin sharing in Galápagos, speak to one of our friendly travel experts today and we can start to plan your perfect solo Galápagos cruise adventure.

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