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If you're looking for a Galápagos Cruise, you will have quickly noticed how difficult it is to find out which ships offer spaces for a given date and price range. At Galapatours, we host the only independent database of all 82 approved Galápagos cruise ships, bringing together every departure date and every route, with daily updates on availability and pricing.

This means, if you're looking for a Galápagos Cruise, you can filter through all departures - by date, cruise length, price or even by the islands or animals you will see, and find your perfect cruise in just a few simple steps.

Meet Benno, the founder of Galapatours. When Benno first traveled to Galápagos in 2016, he came in order to organize a photo- and video shoot for a South America travel agency. Benno quickly noticed that the more interesting and pristine Galápagos Islands cannot be discovered with day tours, based off a hotel. The only way to discover these remote islands (Genovesa, North Isabela, Española etc.) was and is on board of a multiday Galápagos Cruises. He was surprised, however, to find out that there was not a single webpage to list all the ships, their sailing dates, routes, available cabins and prices! A business idea was born.

Immediately after founding Galapatours, Benno moved to the Galápagos and started personally exploring the whole archipelago, building long-lasting relations with the shipowners, who are our partners (and friends in many cases) to this day. Today, what started as a crazy business idea, has become arguably the world's most complete booking platform for Galápagos Cruises.

What it means to travel with Galapatours

Our passion for Galápagos results in going the extra mile for our customers. To travel with Galapatours means that you will get an exclusive service from one of our Galápagos specialist who will ensure to help you find the ideal Galápagos cruise for you and your family. That special service starts the very day you contact us and ends the day you step off the ship and return to your home destination. We will be making sure you have all the services on board that you require and get you the best accommodation on the perfectly fitting ship for your desires.

And the best thing yet? Thanks to your trip, good things are happening in the destination. Your trip is an investment in the country and the islands. Also, animals and nature get protected thanks to the economic benefit of preserving them for travelers. You will not just have the vacation and cruise experience of a lifetime, but will also be able to feel good about your contribution to Ecuador and the amazing Galápagos Islands.

Our promises to you

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We all know Galapagos personally and gladly share our knowledge.
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Each booking contributes to Ventura’s Conservation Project.
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