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Galapagos Cruise Offers For Travel Agencies

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I have clients who request a Galapagos Trip. Can you help me?

To make it short: Absolutely! We're proud to host the world's largest database on Galápagos Cruises. Please find below all cruises in the Galápagos, for the next couple of years. Use the filters on the left to filter.

Commission: To streamline communication between shipowners and customers, we prefer engaging directly with customers. This ensures a more efficient dialogue, avoiding the complexities of a four-party conversation in the already intricate triangle. If you are a travel agent, we gladly welcome direct bookings from your clients. Upon their booking, if they mention your referral, we can discuss a commission, contingent on the booking size. For bookings totaling up to 5,000 USD, we offer a 5% commission, while for larger volumes, we are open to negotiation. Following customer bookings, kindly send us an invoice for your commission.

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Why chose Galapatours?

Galapatours is widely recognised as the best cruise travel agency for Galápagos naturalist adventures. Our unique Galápagos cruise portal gives details of all the options available, including itineraries, for any dates including early-bird and last-minute specials.

We deal direct with the owners/operators of more than 80 boats and ships, offering itineraries and classes to suit all budgets. This makes us one of the best Galápagos tours companies to partner with if you’d like to provide a remarkable Galápagos adventure to your clients!

Galapatours’ B2B travel solutions for the Galápagos allow you to offer your clients the broadest possible range of options. All our ship listings include the most comprehensive amenities breakdowns online. We also provide a full, well-written description based on our personal experience, perfect for passing to your clients. We also include full details of all available itineraries. We even include in-depth and informative write-ups for each visitor site, island, or Galápagos creature your clients are likely to encounter!

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Intimate knowledge of the islands

Our B2b and B2C travel portal is available for you to use at any time, and pricing and availability is updated daily with information obtained directly from the Galápagos cruise operators. Our Galápagos travel advisors are all intimately familiar with the islands, and they are available to answer any questions 16 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Our goal is to make sure that your questions or queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently, allowing you to deliver your usual excellent service to your clients. By using Galapatours, you can assure your clients of the best pricing on any Galápagos cruise, guaranteed!

As well as the Galapatours guarantee on pricing for the best rated Galápagos tours, we offer some of the best rates of commission of any Galápagos Islands travel agency! By booking your next client Galápagos cruise through us, you could receive 10% of the booking amount as an introduction fee. We can deal with your clients directly or send everything through you - perfect if you are including a Galápagos cruise as part of a more extensive South American tour you are arranging.

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