Tijeretas Hill, Galapagos

See Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds together

Tijeretas Hill, Galapagos
  • Fauna abundance

  • Striking vistas

  • Beach quality

  • Difficulty

  • Snorkeling Quality


Translated, this is "Frigatebird Hill", and it's well named! This is a place where both endemic species of frigatebird, the Great Frigatebird and the Magnificent Frigatebird, share a colony.

The hill itself offers a wonderful view of Wreck Bay to the south and to Kicker Rock to the west, but it also provides the perfect opportunity for your Galapatours guide to tell you more about the two species of frigatebird to be found in Galapagos, and how you can tell them apart. There's also a range of native plant species here.

The beach at the bottom of the hill is a nice place to relax, and the waters here are safe for swimming and snorkeling - perfect for cooling off after your climb!

Photos of Tijeretas Hill

Highlights at Tijeretas Hill

  • Commanding views from the top of the hill
  • See both species of Frigatebird together

Possible Activities

Hiking, Snorkeling

Map of Tijeretas Hill

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