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This is the Galapagos National Park Visitor Center, and was opened in 1998. It aims to provide a complete history of the Galapagos and give visitors a more complete understanding of these islands' unique habitats and wildlife.

There are also interesting exhibits covering the Galapagos' human history, and the conservation efforts in place to preserve the archipelago, and undo some of damage human occupation has brought.

For those who are interested in the geology of the archipelago there is a complete exhibit on the volcanic birth of the Galapagos and how this impacted on the habitats present here.

Your Galapatours expert guide will be able to answer any further questions raised by your visit to the Center and can help you to link what you will learn here to what you will see as your Galapagos journey continues.

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  • The history and habitat of Galapagos, all under one roof

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