Devil's Crown, Galapagos

A superb off-shore snorkeling location.

Devil's Crown, Galapagos
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Once a volcanic crater, the Devil's Crown is now what remains of the eroded crater. The wind and waves have breached the east and west walls, leaving just the northern and southern crater edges showing above the water. Over thousands of years a coral reef has grown in the submerged center, creating one of the best snorkeling sites on the entire Galapagos.

Exposed to currents, snorkeling in the Devil's Crown isn't a sedentary experience, and the surges can be quite thrilling! The marine life you will see is unparalleled, with colorful reef fish, sharks, rays and more. If your itinerary includes a stop here, you really must get into the water as it's an experience not to be missed.

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Highlights at Devil's Crown

  • Snorkeling here is an absolute thrill!
  • Families of white-tip reef sharks sleeping under rocks

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