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Cormorant Point

Cormorant Point

Visit olive-green sands and pink flamingos

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Cormorant Point is on the northern tip of Floreana, and you'll land on a beach that sits between two volcanic cones. The sand on one of the beaches here has a noticeably olive-green color. This is due to a much higher than usual concentration of olivine crystals in the sand. Another beach is made up mainly of coral sand and is almost a brilliant white in comparison.

This Galápagos site has a large lagoon which is favored by flamingos, their pink coloring contrasting with the green sand. There is some good snorkeling here, and you can often spot rays in the shallows. There is a one mile hike available that takes you to higher ground and provides great views over the lagoon, and to both beaches on either side of the Point.

Interesting facts about Cormorant Point

The green-colored beach!

Snorkeling with rays

Beautiful and elegant flamingos

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Cormorant Point
Flightless Cormorant

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