Salt Mine Volcano, Galapagos

A brine-filled cone rich with bird life

Salt Mine Volcano, Galapagos
  • Fauna abundance

  • Striking vistas

  • Difficulty


After a landing at Egas Port at the southern end of James Bay, a trail heads inland to the "Salt Mine Volcano".

This hike is just under 2 miles long and takes you to the rim of a salt mine crater. This "mine" is actually a small volcanic cone that is filled with a salt water lagoon that dries up in the dry season. At several points in the 20th century individuals or companies attempted to mine salt from it, but without commercial success. The name of the landing site here is given after the owner of the last company to try salt mining in the 1960s, Hector Egas.

The lagoon is often home to Galapagos flamingos and other birds, and the wonderful Galapagos Hawk can usually be seen circling above this area.

Photos of Salt Mine Volcano

Highlights at Salt Mine Volcano

  • Hike through the arid zone
  • Great views from the edge of the crater
  • Many land birds

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