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Best Galapagos Cruises For Families

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What is it like taking a Galápagos cruise with children?

For most families, visiting the Galápagos is a remarkable adventure that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. In our opinion, a Galápagos family cruise is the perfect way to experience the islands, and is our preference over a hotel-based stay. Why is this? Well, with a hotel-based trip to Galápagos you will spend most of your time travelling on boats to reach the visitor points and islands that have all the most amazing sites, animals and habitats. On a cruise, you will travel between islands mainly at night while you all sleep, meaning you wake up to a new vista every day. And because you don't waste any daylight in traveling you can enjoy far more excursions than a hotel-based stay - perfect to keep younger family members interested and engaged.

Our qualified naturalist guides on Galapatours cruises are bilingual, and they are more than happy to explain the wonders of the Galápagos to our younger guests. All our cruise ships contain at least a small library area with books, maps and other materials to help our guests, young and not-so-young, learn more about the archipelago, and some of the larger cruise ships have dedicated learning centers and briefing rooms where guides use audio-visuals to illustrate the unique nature of the islands.

A Galápagos family cruise is the perfect way for your children to learn, to discover, to enjoy - and to join you in the adventure of a lifetime!

What our customers say about their adventure

What an unforgettable trip!
Our guide, Raúl, was extremely knowledgeable about all the birds, animals and history of the islands. Although I did not participate in snorkeling, others did and got a lot of great underwater pictures. I saw the giant tortoise, blue footed and red footed boobies, volcanic formations and other animals only found on the islands. My 7 days - 6 nights was just a perfect amount of time.
Galapatours picked the perfect route for us
The best vacation I've ever had. Everything was so well coordinated and the crew members did an amazing job. My partner and I had the most wonderful first vacation experience together. Luis, our host on the boat, was extremely energetic and very entertaining. The tour guides, Victor and Enrique, were also fabulous. It was amazing how much experience they had on the history and science behind Galapagos.
Galapagos was amazing!
We had a lot of fun on the Nemo III! The group and the pace of the trip were perfect for our young family. The crew was great and helped keep the trip interesting and exciting for our kids. Our guide kept the hikes engaging for our entire family and make the trip a truly memorable event for everyone.
Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Galapagos cruises with kids - are they suitable?

We certainly think so! However, every family is different so you need to think about whether a Galápagos cruise is suitable for your children. We think all children over 12 will definitely enjoy themselves on a Galápagos family cruise, and in our experience adventurous and inquisitive 7 year-olds and above also have amazing Galápagos cruise adventures. You might find that much younger children may be a little restless on a cruise, especially as the boats are generally smaller, but as a lot of the sailing between islands is actually done at night this might not be an issue for your family.

Some boats are fully geared up for family adventures, offering interconnecting cabins, or suites with additional sofa beds that are perfect for a family Galápagos cruise. There are also some larger cruise vessels that have a dedicated "Kids' Corner" on board, and these larger vessels are often better for younger children with more public space and a few more distractions!

At Galapatours we work directly with the boat owners and operators, and we've personally visited every ship we list, so our Galápagos experts are perfectly placed to help you choose the right ship when it comes to finding the best Galápagos cruise for families.

Which Galapagos Cruise ships have dedicated Children's Areas?

Most of the larger Galápagos cruise vessels have a dedicated children's' area, and some even offer children's guides who can present the excursions and visitor sites in a child-friendly way. You can also find ships with children's libraries on board, and selections of family- and kid-friendly movies, and so on.

A great tip is to look for ships with interconnecting cabins, or those with suites offering sofa beds - these often make the best Galápagos family cruise options because you can keep smaller children close by, and older children can get their own cabin but without being completely separate.

When it comes to the sites, sounds and experience of the Galápagos islands, there's very little that children can't get involved with. Most of the excursions are suitable for people of all ages, and if your children are competent swimmers then they can enjoy snorkeling and kayaking where available. Some Galápagos cruise ships offer the use of amazing "glass-bottomed" tenders, known as "pangas", allowing even the youngest of guests to see the amazing underwater life without needing to swim. Finally, be aware that the equatorial sun is very strong at all times of the year, even through cloud. Please ensure you bring plenty of total sunblock and make sure your kids have it applied very regularly.

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