Post Office Bay, Galapagos

Leave a postcard or deliver someone else's!

Post Office Bay, Galapagos
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Floreana, like several of the Galapagos Islands, has a history of whaling. During voyages of many months, whaling ships would call here to replenish stocks of food and water, and the sailors were often keen to send news to loved ones that they were still safe. A tradition grew up here where sailors would leave a letter addressed home, hopeful that a ship heading back to port would pick it up and deliver it for them. This tradition of leaving letters and cards, and picking up others addressed to your home port meant that the location of this letter drop became known as "Post Office Bay".

Decades later, the unofficial Floreana post office is still very active - why not leave a card of your own, or see if you could take one back to your home town for someone else?! As well as this charming tradition, Post Office Bay boasts a pleasant beach, and there is a short hiking trail down to a cave, which is actually a lava tube that runs down to the sea.

You will also have the opportunity to take a Panga through some of the nearby coves and mangroves from which you could see sharks, rays, and sea lions swimming around you.

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Highlights at Post Office Bay

  • The Post Office of Floreana - leave a card or take one for delivery!
  • Visit a lava tube
  • Take a panga through mangroves and coves

Possible Activities

Hiking, Panga Ride, Snorkeling

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