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Darwin's Arch / Towers Diving

Darwin's Towers (formerly: Darwin's Arch)

For many, the best dive site in the islands

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Huge schools of hammers and Galápagos sharks, whale sharks, Mantas: Darwin's Towers (formerly: Darwin's Arch) is arguably one of the world's best diving sites.

Located just off the southeast tip of Darwin Island, the islet of Darwin's Towers (formerly known as Darwin's Arch, but the arch collapsed in 2021) is a fantastic marine wonderland. The main attractions are the whale sharks and hammerhead sharks that often gather here. But there are many other species you can find - green turtles, majestic manta rays, dolphins, large schools of fish, and other species of sharks are all frequent encounters.

We have met divers with over 1000 logged dives that still called it the single best diving site of their life! If you have any particular species that you are keen to see on your dive, contact one of our Galápagos experts today, and we can advise on the best dive itinerary to suit your requirements.

Interesting facts about Darwin's Towers

Current Diving on a big wall: Lots of diving experience required

NITROX recommended

Giant whale sharks

Huge schools of Hammerheads (hundreds!)

Lots and lots of Galápagos Sharks

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Darwin's Arch / Darwin Towers
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