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Darwin Galapagos Cruise

Darwin Galápagos Cruise

Attentive crew & superb itineraries

A Galápagos Cruise on board the Darwin

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Darwin Galapagos Cruise
Darwin Galapagos Cruise
Darwin Galapagos Cruise

The Motor Yacht Darwin is the perfect example of how you can enjoy an intimate experience of the Galápagos without needing a huge budget. This charming little motor Yacht was built here in Galápagos in 1995 and offers all you need to be comfortable combined with superb wildlife itineraries, making a Galápagos cruise on Darwin the ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers. - Great value Galápagos cruise - Sundeck - Excellent choice of itineraries - Relaxed and cosy ambience Small, but perfectly formed Darwin's reputation as a friendly boat with a family feel is well known in the Galápagos cruise fleet. She even looks friendly, with our guests commenting to us that she has a "cute" design when they arrive on the dockside! Although she's one of the smaller yachts in her class, Darwin offers Galápagos wildlife lovers a really comfortable yet affordable way to experience the extraordinary animals and birds that call Galápagos home. To maximise use of space, the 8 cabins are arranged across all decks. We would advise that guests who may be prone to motion sickness should opt for cabins on the lower deck. However, if you are after stunning views, the upper deck cabins next to the sundeck are perfect! The 8 double cabins are laid out as traditional bunks, but every cabin enjoys a private bathroom with hot shower, environmentally-friendly toiletries, linens, and air conditioning. Lower deck cabins feature traditional portholes, but their decor is bright and fresh which makes them light and airy. Upper cabins enjoy larger windows and external doors, giving you a fantastic sea view as you wake ready for a hearty breakfast. All the cabins feature traditional wood fittings and ceiling panels, and this warm, natural theme is continued throughout the whole boat. This gives Darwin a really cosy feel, and it makes it easy to share stories with your fellow guests in the lovely lounge area at the end of a day of Galápagos adventure. The lounge also features 110v power for charging your devices and a TV/DVD system. You'll also find the bar here, with it's wonderfully carved wood panels. A taste of the islands Darwin's chef has a passion for local and Ecuadorian cuisine alongside a superb repertoire of international dishes. He's particularly happy to cater to vegetarian guests - just let us know your dietary requirements when you book. Meals are served in the cosy dining room on the main deck, and you can enjoy sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner with your fellow guests around the dining tables. After dinner, why not relax with a drink at the bar? Or perhaps take it up to the large upper sundeck where you can watch the remarkable Galápagos stars? On this relaxed Galápagos cruise, you can make yourself entirely at home. Adventure or Discovery? Choice of itineraries Darwin's owner, Manuel Villacís, came to Galápagos in the 1940s and fell in love with their incredible wildlife and remarkable habitats. It was this passion that led him to enter the responsible tourism industry and led to the design and build of Darwin. His enthusiasm shows in the two styles of cruise you can choose from on Darwin, named the Adventure and Discovery itineraries. Both styles have multiple variants, and each will allow you to get a different flavor of the unique volcanic islands that make up the Galápagos and the stunning wildlife that you can find there. For the ultimate value-for-money Galápagos cruise why not combine Adventure with Discovery for a 2 week Galápagos cruise of a lifetime? As well as island excursions and landings by “panga” (the inflatable boats used as tenders in Galápagos) you can also go snorkeling with Galápagos sea lions and green turtles. Quality snorkel gear and wetsuits are available to hire on board for a small additional charge. Our comments With attentive staff and great itineraries, Darwin is a really popular choice for those looking for an affordable yacht with an intimate feel. Having 7 crew for a maximum of only 16 guests, you are always well looked after, and the owner Manuel treats his staff very well which is reflected in their attention to detail, friendliness and passion for their jobs. You also have the services of a bilingual Level III Galápagos National Park naturalist to guide you on all your excursions, meaning your understanding and appreciation of Galápagos will be more profound and more enjoyable. We love her cute styling, her warm and cosy interiors and her exceptional value for money.

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The food on our Galapágos Cruises is among the very best you will find in South America. Most of the on-board chefs are internationally trained and have prior experience working in the best hotels and restaurants in Ecuador and indeed around the world.

You can expect a first-class selection of food, including a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced poultry and fish/seafood, rice and pasta dishes. Most boats will always include some typical Ecuadorian dishes on the menu during your cruise. If you have specific dietary requirements then these can usually be accommodated by the chef providing you have given advance notice. Please make sure you tell us about any allergies or dietary requirements you have at the time you book with us. If you leave it until you arrive at the dockside, then it may well be impossible to accommodate your needs.

Most boats serve a range of options at meal times in a relaxed buffet-style. At the first class and luxury end of the market, some boats have more formal dining where you will be served at your seat. However the atmosphere is always relaxed on board our cruises, and never stuffy or formal.

Sustainable Tourism

At Galapatours we love and respect the pristine ecosystems and fascinating wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, and we insist that our cruise partners do too. To protect the archipelago all our cruise vessels must have sophisticated water filtration systems, modern efficient engines, and strict maintenance schedules to minimize pollution.

The Galápagos National Park authority also defines exact cruising routes that dictate which ships can visit highlights at specific times, as well as limiting passenger numbers. These measures ensure that animals and habitats are not disturbed by too many visitors.

Our commitment extends beyond the mandatory environmental standards for cruise vessels in the region: A portion of your trip price now contributes to our Conservation Project. This initiative empowers local communities to protect their territory, engage in reforestation, and prepare for long-term environmental stewardship. This way, your trip contributes to environmental protection and truly shows how travel can be a force for good! And you can also play your part by traveling responsibly and following our Eco Guidelines during your stay. Click here to find out more about these guidelines, our commitment to sustainable tourism, and the Galápagos National Park rules.

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Reviews of Darwin

Tanja J.

Darwin Galapagos Cruise


A wonderful time on board the Darwin Dear Babett We had a wonderful and very exciting time on board the Darwin. Thanks again for the good organisation in advance! The crew was attentive, the food was always fresh and well cooked. The choice was large for every menu considering that all this was prepared in a very small kitchen. Our guide gave us a plenty of information about nature and wildlife on the Galapagos. As soon as someone got seasick, the crew took care of them very well. Our cabins were small, but always clean (freshly cleaned every day). We also think it was great that each cabin had its own small bathroom. On deck there was enough space to stay and relax. All in all a wonderful time, which ended much too fast. But we will remember it for a long time to come. Best regards Tanja


Darwin Galapagos Cruise


Darwin Wir verbrachten traumhafte 8 Tage auf der Darwin. Das Essen wurde immer frisch zubereitet und schmeckte fantastisch. Die Kabinen sind klein, aber man hat ein eigenes Bad. Der Guide war sehr lustig und wusste viel zu erzählen (Wiliam/Leo).


Darwin Galapagos Cruise


Darwin Kreuzfahrt 5Tage/4Nächte Wir hatten eine wunderbare und sehr erlebnisreise Zeit auf der Darwin. Abholung im Hafen von Puerto Ayora war kein Problem, da wir unseren Aufenthalt vorverlängert haben. Die Crew war aufmerksam, wir wurden immer frisch und gut bekocht. Die Auswahl war bei jedem Menü gross und man bedenkt, dass dies alles in einer sehr kleinen Küche zubereitet wurde. Unser Guide hat uns viele spannende Informationen über die Natur und das Leben auf den Galapagos weitergegeben. Sobald jemand z.B. Seekrank wurde haben sich alle wahnsinnig gut um einem gekümmert. Unsere Kajüten waren klein, jedoch immer sauber (jeden Tag frisch geputzt). Super fanden wir auch, dass jede Kajüte ein eigenes kleines Bad hatte. An Deck gab es genug Platz zum verweilen und die Seele baumeln zu lassen. Einfaches Schiff, wer jedoch kein Luxus braucht ist hier genau richtig! :-)

Maresa V.

Darwin Galapagos Cruise


Un Voyage incroyable ! Les Galapagos ont été incroyables ! Les meilleures vacances que j'aie jamais eues. Tout était si bien coordonné et les membres de l'équipage ont fait un travail extraordinaire. Mon partenaire et moi avons eu la plus belle première expérience de vacances ensemble. Luis, notre hôte sur le bateau, était extrêmement énergique et très divertissant. Les guides, Victor et Enrique, étaient aussi fabuleux. Leur expérience de l'histoire et de la science des Galapagos était incroyable. Toutes les îles que nous avons visitées étaient formidables. Les vues les plus spectaculaires que nous ayons jamais vues. Notre île préférée était l'île Rabida où le sable était rouge en raison de sa teneur élevée en fer. Mon partenaire, qui ne sait pas nager, était impatient de sauter dans l'océan clair pour faire de la plongée avec tuba ! Avec l'aide d'un gilet de sauvetage, bien sûr. Les autres membres de l'équipage qui ont piloté les zodiacs ont également fait preuve d'une grande vigilance en veillant à ce que le groupe reste ensemble dans l'océan. Nous avons eu l'occasion de faire de la plongée avec tuba et de nager avec des tortues de mer, des otaries, des requins, de magnifiques poissons colorés, et même un pingouin ! Merci de votre aide pour la réservation de ces vacances magiques ! Le seul regret que j'ai, c'est de ne pas être restée plus longtemps !

Maressa V.

Darwin Galapagos Cruise


Amazing trip Galapagos was amazing! The best vacation I've ever had. Everything was so well coordinated and the crew members did an amazing job. My partner and I had the most wonderful first vacation experience together. Luis, our host on the boat, was extremely energetic and very entertaining. The tour guides, Victor and Enrique, were also fabulous. It was amazing how much experience they had on the history and science behind Galapagos. All the islands we visited were amazing. The most spectacular views we've ever seen. Our favorite was Rabida Island where the sand was red from the high iron levels. My partner, who doesn't know how to swim, was eager to jump into the clear ocean to snorkel! With the help of a life vest of course. The other crew members who steered the dingys were also excellent in keeping watch, making sure the group stays together in the ocean. We got a chance to snorkel and swim with sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, beautiful colorful fish, and even a penguin! Thank you for all your help in booking this magical vacation! The only regret I have is not staying longer!!

Maressa V.

Darwin Galapagos Cruise


Ein großartiger Urlaub Galapagos war unglaublich! Der beste Urlaub, den ich je hatte. Alles war so gut koordiniert und die Crewmitglieder habe wirklich hervorragende Arbeit geleistet. Mein Partner und ich hatten einen wunderbaren ersten Urlaub gemeinsam. Luis, unser Gastgeber auf dem Boot, war sehr freundlich und unterhaltsam. Auch die Reiseleiter, Victor und Enrique, waren fabelhaft. Es war großartig, wie viel Kenntnisse die beiden zu der Geschichte und der Wissenschaft rund um die Galapagos-Inseln hatten. Alle Inseln, die wir besucht haben, waren wunderschön und der Blick von Bartolomé war wohl die spektakulärste Aussicht, die wir je genossen haben. Unser Favorit war Rábida, wo der Sand aufgrund der hohen Eisenwerte knallrot war. Mein Partner, der nicht schwimmen kann, war begierig darauf, in den klaren Ozean zu springen, um zu schnorcheln! Natürlich mit Hilfe einer Schwimmweste. Die anderen Besatzungsmitglieder, die die "Pangas" gesteuertt haben, waren immer für uns da und haben dafür gesorgt, dass die Gruppe im Meer zusammen blieb. Wir hatten die Möglichkeit zum Schnorcheln und Schwimmen mit Meeresschildkröten, Seelöwen, Haien, schönen bunten Fischen und sogar einem Pinguin! Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe bei der Buchung dieses magischen Urlaubs! Das einzige Bedauern, das ich habe, ist, nicht länger zu bleiben.

Similar Ships

Encantada Galapagos Cruise


Unfortunately, the beautiful "Encantada" was decommissioned in March 2018 and will sail other parts of the world now. Please click here for comparable [economic cruises to the Galápagos Islands]( you still want to read on about the Encantada, this was our product description of this beautiful sailship: Previously known in the Islands as “The Little Red Sailboat”, visiting the Galápagos on this 69ft schooner is pure romance! With a maximum of only 12 guests - yet a crew of 6 - you get luxury levels of service and attention at a budget-friendly price. Almost all the boats in the Galápagos fleet accommodate 16 guests, some higher end vessels have 14 guests, but a cruise on Encantada will see you among only 12 companions for a truly intimate view of the archipelago. You’ll get a very personal view of the Islands from your bilingual National Park naturalist guide who would normally work with larger groups, and the crew on board become more like friends as they look after you during your trip. There are 6 cabins on Encantada, all living up to your expectations of the age of sail with traditional wooden bunks and hand-crafted wooden furniture and fittings. Despite her smaller size and traditional looks every cabin enjoys air conditioning and a private en suite bathroom with hot water. Culinary secret The lounge and dining area are full of natural wood and classic example of the boatbuilders craft. Dining onboard is relaxed and sociable, with all guests enjoying one large table the conversation flows as easily as the beer and wine! There is also an al fresco dining table on the stern deck where you can eat and enjoy the cool sea breezes. What Encantada’s kitchen may lack in size it more than makes up for in the talents of its chef. The food on Encantada is consistently praised by our guests, and some who’ve traveled on the luxury boats in the Galápagos fleet have felt it was just as good! The sun deck is large enough for sitting and relaxing as well as simply lying in the sun. When the night comes, there is nowhere better in Galápagos to be than on the open deck of “The Little Red Boat” with the sails up and the stars out. The naturalist itineraries are varied, and some venture further north than most of the fleet. Thanks to her smaller size, Encantada can visit places larger vessels can’t. Our comments The romance of a traditional motor sailboat, the intimacy of only 12 guests, the ability to visit places larger boats can’t, and budget friendly prices… this a lot to this little red boat! We can’t get enough of the food on Encantada, and in our opinion we think the “sacrifice” of a smaller cabin is more than worth it considering the benefits

Angelito Galapagos


The Angelito is a lovely budget-class Galápagos cruise yacht that has been family-owned and operated since her launch in 1992. She's been lovingly cared for, and the dedication of her owners is visible in everything she does. This is a budget-class cruise with first-class passion from the operator. \- Family-owned and run \- Superb naturalist guides \- Complete refit in 2013 **Dedicated to your experience** Angelito isn't just a business, she's part of a family - and that shows. From her beautifully clean exterior to the stunning waxed wood interior fittings to the quality of service - everyone on board is obviously proud of the yacht. Every trip has at least one member of the family on board to ensure that their exacting standards never slip. Her accommodation is made up of 8 double cabins that are bright and airy - and remarkably for this class of Galápagos cruise, all enjoy lovely big windows for stunning sea and island views. Angelito is fully air conditioned, and every cabin enjoys a private bathroom with shower and hot and cold water. All this combined with the lovely decor makes her cabins charming places to retire to at the end of the day. **Great food, great company** Communal areas on board are no less charming. Angelito's main saloon and dining room is comfortable and cosy and flooded with Galápagos sunshine thanks to large windows throughout. Beautiful wood finishes and comfortable furniture make this a great place to chat with like-minded fellow travelers, enjoy a superb meal, and relax with a well-deserved drink from the bar. As well as a rich array of meals from the kitchen, covering Ecuadorian specialities and international favorites, there is a never-ending supply of complimentary tea, coffee and water available at all times. If you would like something a little stronger, your dedicated barman will be only too pleased to assist, and he'll even be happy to deliver your drinks to the substantial upper sundeck if that's where you'd prefer to take them! **Take the time to take it all in** Angelito's philosophy is not to rush. They would much rather you had wonderful long and intimate encounters with the islands' wildlife than hurry you to try and "tick off" as many islands as possible. On Angelito, quality is more important than quantity. Given this philosophy, it's no surprise that one of your naturalist guides may well be Maya, who has been a member of Angeito's crew for over 30 years experience. First she worked as a Tour leader and Translator on board and has the licence as a National Park naturalist since 1992. With a maximum of only 16 guests per trip and a total of 8 crew, Angelito will provide you with an extraordinary experience that can't be bettered by any other ship in her class. The Angelito offers two different 8-day itineraries, each of which has it's own attractions in terms of wildlife and habitat. For advice on the best one for you, contact one of our Galápagos specialist travel advisors today who can help pick the perfect itinerary for you. As a flavor, the Angelito “A” itinerary visits Espanola, Bartolome, North Seymour, and Genovesa Islands, and gives the opportunity to snorkel with [penguins](, walk among hundreds of [Blue-Footed boobies]( and witness the mating dance of the endangered [Waved Albatross]( The “B” itinerary stays in the western part of the archipelago to explore [Fernandina]( and the many diverse sites on [Isabela](, without missing snorkeling at Floreana or exploring the white-sand beaches of Santa Cruz. Isabela is the largest Galápagos island and is home to 60% of the region’s land wildlife, as well as beautiful snorkeling with green sea turtles, penguins, flightless cormorants, and [Galápagos sharks]( **Our comments** Angelito is all about passion, quality, and a love and respect for the islands - and this shines through from the moment you step on board. We adore the full-length sundeck on this yacht - it's one of the biggest in her class and is a stunning place to drink in the Galápagos ambiance. Her naturalist guides are among the most experienced, most qualified and most knowledgeable in the Galápagos, and their emphasis on long and intimate wildlife encounters means this is a "must do" Galápagos cruise for nature lovers.

Aida Maria Galapagos Cruise

Aida Maria

What better way to experience the Galápagos Islands than on board a yacht that was designed and built right here in the islands from local materials and using local craftsmen? The Aida Maria was launched in 1997, and her owner's family have been a part of Galápagos life since the 1930s. A Galápagos cruise aboard Aida Maria gives you a unique perspective on these unique islands. We think Aida Maria gets the balance just right between affordable Galápagos cruising and having an enjoyable, comfortable and stylish experience. When you step on board, it's remarkable to think that the entire ship was made using local Galápagos timbers and that beautifully polished wood takes pride of place in Aida Maria's decor. She boasts 8 double cabins with traditional-style bunks. The cabins are decorated in lovely light and airy style, and they all have a private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, and classic porthole windows. The communal areas on board have simply stunning polished wood floors and ceilings, but the ship doesn't feel dark because of this. In fact, her saloon boasts large panoramic windows that span the entire length of this deck, flooding her with equatorial light, and providing you with first-class views of the islands as you dine or relax with fellow guests. Unusually for a ship of this class, Aida Maria has 2 sundecks where you can soak up the Galápagos rays. The upper sundeck gives delightful views and has a canopy for shade, but you can also choose to relax on the bow of the main deck - but don't forget your sunblock! As befits a boat with so much local provenance, the dining experience sees your chef use the freshest ingredients to prepare a wide range of delicious local and regional specialties in addition to a great variety of international favorites. Wonderful wildlife Aida Maria's owners have used their intimate knowledge of their home to design a range of superb itineraries for you to choose from. The Aida Maria's itineraries are among the most flexible in her class in terms of sites visited and length of Galápagos cruise - there are currently 6 different options you can take! You can even choose the combine her two best itineraries into one 15-day Galápagos cruise of a lifetime. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of seeing a wide range of stunning [Galápagos wildlife]( and remarkable [Galápagos islands]( Her onboard naturalist guides are all highly experienced National Park approved locals, and they speak English and Spanish. They will go out of their way to bring you closer to the wildlife and habitats of the islands, and they will be a fascinating source of information for you throughout your trip. Our comments This is a genuinely local ship, and her crew are one of the most dedicated in the fleet. With 8 members to serve a maximum of 16 guests, you are ensured of levels of service beyond your expectation for a Galápagos cruise of this class. We love to sit on her bow sundeck as we cruise along, and we can't help but have a soft spot for her as a true Galápagos "local". However, her crowning glory is the wonderful range of itineraries. If you need help to choose the perfect one for you, contact one of our expert Galápagos travel advisors today.

Golondrina Galapagos Cruise


Golondrina is a tourist class motor yacht that offers some of the best cruise itineraries for those who really want to discover the true Galápagos. This makes her exceptional value and she is a popular choice for those who want a comfortable and relaxed way to see the best of the islands. Golondrina is a motor yacht with classic lines that oozes friendly charm. There is always a great relaxed atmosphere on board and the main lounge and dining area with bar is the perfect place to get to know your fellow guests and relax after your day’s excursions. There is also a TV with DVD player and a music system for entertainment. There are plenty of outdoor areas both under cover and with full sun for socializing and watching the ocean life. For the most adventurous a leap from the top sundeck into the Pacific ocean is recommended! There are 8 cabins on board, and each has traditional wooden twin bunks. The cabins are individually air conditioned, and each has its own private bathroom with full size hot water shower, sink and vanity. Welcome additional service includes fresh towels each day and plentiful food served in a buffet style to refuel after your adventures. Her crew of 5 includes a bilingual naturalist guide who will brief you on the islands and their wonderful wildlife and lead you on various excursions. The Golondrina has some of the most interesting itineraries of any of the tourist class fleet, and many people choose her for this very reason. Excursions include island visits, exploring by panga, swimming and snorkeling - with masks, fins and snorkels available for guests. Golondrina is always a fun boat. Her crew look after everyone really well and they encourage you to relax and enjoy yourself - this is not a formal boat, and if you enjoy having fun in relaxed surroundings whilst seeing the very best of the older Galápagos islands then a Golondrina cruise will suit you perfectly.

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