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Punta Mejia

Punta Mejia

Possibly the best snorkeling in Galápagos

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Marchena is the largest of the northern Galápagos Islands, but with no land-based visitor sites it is rarely seen by anyone - even scientists and National Park Wardens are very infrequent visitors.

The main attraction here is the snorkeling off Marchena's coast. The deep, clear waters and calmer seas here make exploring this undersea world a magical experience.

There is a huge variety of tropical fish at Punta Mejia, and when you go into the water accompanied by your Galapatours expert guide you are also likely to see rays, a variety of sharks, and green sea turtles to name but a few.

Interesting facts about Punta Mejia

Beautiful clear, calm waters

Swim with rays and turtles

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Punta Mejia

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