La Lobería, Galapagos

A lovely beach that's host to friendly sea lions

La Lobería, Galapagos
  • Fauna abundance

  • Striking vistas

  • Beach quality

  • Difficulty

  • Snorkeling Quality


On the western coast of Floreana, La Loberia is a delightful beach that locals and visitors alike come to for it's lovely ambiance. Along the shore are over half a mile of paths through the National Park, some over the rocks and some on the sandy beaches.

The main attraction at La Loberia is the bustling colony of Galapagos Sea Lions who live here. As well as these noisy and fun creatures you will often see Galapagos Marine Iguanas on the rocky water line, and from height you'll probably spot Galapagos Green Turtles swimming in the rocky bays that are all along this coast.

Photos of La Lobería

Highlights at La Lobería

  • Bustling Sea Lion colony
  • Marine Iguanas feeding
  • Green Turtles swimming in the bay

Possible Activities

Hiking, Snorkeling

Map of La Lobería

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