Black Turtle Cove, Galapagos

This mangrove-lined cove is only reached by boat

Black Turtle Cove, Galapagos
  • Fauna abundance

  • Striking vistas

  • Difficulty


The only way into Black Turtle cove is by panga (motorised dinghy). This "secret" corner of the Galapagos feels like your own personal hideout, and once the panga motor is shut off you're surrounded only with the gentle sounds of nature as you drift through the mangroves.

Rich with wildlife, you'll often see Galapagos green turtles feeding, or even mating, in the calm water, as well as different shark species and Galapagos rays.

This is a very different visitor site, showing another side to the Galapagos away from the noise of surf on the beaches and barking sea lions.

Photos of Black Turtle Cove

Highlights at Black Turtle Cove

  • Turtles swimming beneath you in the calm waters
  • Spot rays and sharks
  • Discover the mangroves

Possible Activities

Panga ride

Map of Black Turtle Cove

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