Marchena Island, Galapagos

The least visited Island


Marchena is the largest of the so-called northern islands here in Galapagos. Despite most of the current volcanic activity being concentrated to the western islands Isabela and Fernandina, Marchena suffered a volcanic eruption in 1991 - the first for over a century.

Marchena has no land visitor sites, and it's even rare for scientists or National Park wardens to visit, so it's one of the islands least touched by humans at present. The coastal caves and rocks play host to Galapagos Fur Seals, and sea lions.

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Fast Facts about Marchena Island

  • Marchena has excellent dive sites off her coast, with a good range of species
  • In 1934, the mummified body of one of the Floreana Baroness's lovers was found on a beach here!
  • An invasive species, the Little Fire Ant, has been subject to control measures since 1988
  • Marchena has its own endemic species of Lava Lizard


Punta Mejia

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Espejo Point

Great diving on the coast of uninhabited Marchena!

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