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Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise

Galápagos Sky Diving Cruise

Three full days at Darwin & Wolf

A Galápagos Cruise on board the Sky

6 Reviews

Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise
Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise
Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise
  • 3 Days at Wolf and Darwin Islands
  • Purpose-built dive boat with luxury feel
  • 2 dive masters, 4 dives a day
  • Complementary wine/beer with meals

The Galápagos Sky is a 100ft, purpose-built luxury dive boat. Her current owner helped to design her to his exact requirements and she was launched in 2001. Traditionally in Galápagos, those looking for luxury didn't go on a dive boat, and those looking for great diving had to avoid the luxury boats. Galápagos Sky has rewritten that rule by providing those who are looking for the ultimate diving experience with stunning accommodation and fine dining.

Built for Divers Galápagos Sky prides herself on taking you to the best dive sites the Galápagos has to offer. Her crew includes two dive guides who are expertly trained and certified by the Galápagos National Park.

Her dive platform is exceptionally well equipped, with freshwater showers and warm towels available after each dive, as well as a warming drink and tasty post-dive snacks! Rinse tanks for cameras and gear are available, and you can also rent cameras and other dive gear if you wish. Your tariff includes air or nitrox filled tanks, weights, weight belt and up to 4 dives per day (including at least one night dive).

Built for luxury Accommodation is based on 8 private twin/double cabins. Each is fitted with beautiful wood finishes and features plenty of storage for your gear - important on dive expeditions! En suite bathrooms feature luxurious biodegradable cosmetics and sumptuous bathrobes. Each cabin features individual air conditioning for your complete comfort.

Galápagos Sky's public areas are no less impressive. A wonderful salon area decorated with stunning teak deck and dark wood fittings features a comfortable communal sofa lounge and plenty of natural light. The main salon features comfortable seating for relaxing and for dining, and the sundeck is the perfect place to soak up some equatorial rays or to see the stars in the stunning Galápagos night sky. It features loungers and hammocks and both shaded and open areas, all with stunning views of the islands around you.

There is a delightful bar that is well-stocked with a range of local and premium wines, beers and spirits, and Galápagos Sky is one of the only boats in the fleet that offers you complimentary alcoholic beverages with your meals - choose form wine or beer with the captain's compliments!

Food on board is a particular highlight, especially when compared to some other dive boats. The Galápagos Sky's chef prides himself on providing you with a stunning range of local Ecuadorian and international dishes, all served in fine dining style plated at your table. Guests consistently tell us that the quality and variety of the food on Galápagos Sky is among the best they've had on any boat in this class.

Despite this high quality, the ambiance on board is distinctly relaxed and casual. Galápagos Sky is a very friendly boat, and the evenings are filled with laughter and animated conversation as guests relive the many wonderful sights they will have seen during the day's dives.

Our comments We think that Galápagos Sky is the perfect "dive of a lifetime" option. She manages to mix absolutely stunning diving and expert guidance with luxury accommodation and food that you'd expect from a first class tourist cruise boat. Because she was designed by her current owner to do these jobs and do them well, she delivers unrivaled levels of guest satisfaction. If you want to dive at least 4 times every day and see the highlights of what's in season, then spend the evening sharing your experiences in luxury you need to contact us now and book Galápagos Sky!

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Travel for good: Your Each booking contributes to Ventura’s Conservation Project.

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Food & Drinks on board the Sky

The food on our Galapágos Cruises is among the very best you will find in South America. Most of the on-board chefs are internationally trained and have prior experience working in the best hotels and restaurants in Ecuador and indeed around the world.

You can expect a first-class selection of food, including a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced poultry and fish/seafood, rice and pasta dishes. Most boats will always include some typical Ecuadorian dishes on the menu during your cruise. If you have specific dietary requirements then these can usually be accommodated by the chef providing you have given advance notice. Please make sure you tell us about any allergies or dietary requirements you have at the time you book with us. If you leave it until you arrive at the dockside, then it may well be impossible to accommodate your needs.

Most boats serve a range of options at meal times in a relaxed buffet-style. At the first class and luxury end of the market, some boats have more formal dining where you will be served at your seat. However the atmosphere is always relaxed on board our cruises, and never stuffy or formal.

Sustainable Tourism

At Galapatours we love and respect the pristine ecosystems and fascinating wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, and we insist that our cruise partners do too. To protect the archipelago all our cruise vessels must have sophisticated water filtration systems, modern efficient engines, and strict maintenance schedules to minimize pollution.

The Galápagos National Park authority also defines exact cruising routes that dictate which ships can visit highlights at specific times, as well as limiting passenger numbers. These measures ensure that animals and habitats are not disturbed by too many visitors.

Our commitment extends beyond the mandatory environmental standards for cruise vessels in the region: A portion of your trip price now contributes to our Conservation Project. This initiative empowers local communities to protect their territory, engage in reforestation, and prepare for long-term environmental stewardship. This way, your trip contributes to environmental protection and truly shows how travel can be a force for good! And you can also play your part by traveling responsibly and following our Eco Guidelines during your stay. Click here to find out more about these guidelines, our commitment to sustainable tourism, and the Galápagos National Park rules.

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Technical details of Sky

Small Yacht
Main Engines
2x 500hp
100ft / 30m
110V / 220V
Cruising speed
24ft / 7m

Reviews of Sky

Nathan Strall

Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise


Sky ist legendär Diese Tauchsafari werde ich nie wieder vergessen. Die Tierwelt unter Wasser ist bisher das vielfältigste und gesündeste Ökosystem, wo ich je drin taucher durfte. Massen an Hammerhaien, Seidenhaie, Galapagoshaie, Meerechsen, usw. Die Gegend um Galapagos hat zu viel zu bieten, um es kurz und knapp in diese Bewertung zusammen zu fassen. Vor allem der Darwim-Tauchplatz hat es mir angetan - jeder Cent hat sich gelohnt. Ich würde noch gerne darauf aufmerksam machen, dass manche Tauchgänge in recht kaltem Wasser statt fanden, auch die Strömungen und die Sicht sind immer unterschiedlich und nichts für schwache nerven. Für Neueinsteiger ist es noch nicht empfehlendwert, man braucht hierfür etwas mehr Taucherfahrung. Die Dive Master geben stets ihr Bestes um jeden Taucher die Schokoladenseite der Galapagos Inseln zu zeigen. Die Sky und die Crew war großartig. Die Kabinen waren gemütlich, die Besatzung immer freundlich und zuvorkommend. Das Schiff war im super Zustand, vor allem das Sonnendeck war perfekt fü's Enstpannen zwischen den Tauchgängen. Nach jedem Tauchgang wurden wir an Deck mit Heißen Handtüchern und frisch gebackenen Snacks begrüßt - was will man mehr? Man kann nicht leugnen, dass die Tacuhsafari teuer ist aber diese Investition war es auf jeden Fall Wert und ich werde dieses Schiff und auch die Galapagos Inseln allen meinen Freunden und Bekannten empfehlen!

Nathan Strall

Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise


Sky rocks! The overall the experience was fantastic and the marine life was like no other I have previously experienced. Tons of Hammerhead sharks, Silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, Marine Iguanas, etc., etc. The area has more wildlife than can be expressed in this review and it is by far the healthiest ecosystem I have ever had the privilege of diving. The Darwin dive site by itself is worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, Whale sharks were out of season and we did not see the Mola mola or Giant Manta, but that didn’t take away anything from the experience. Diving in the Galapagos Islands is truly amazing and impossible to express in a review. I would caution that some of the dives can be quite cold and the current is very strong at times with relatively low visibility, so new divers or even semi-experienced divers should do their research before booking. There is an expected level of ability that the dive masters will expect you to have both on deck and in the water and it can be very frustrating for the entire group if one person’s inexperience holds up the group. That said, the dive masters do their best to make sure everyone gets the best of what the Galapagos has to offer. The Galapagos Sky and crew were great. The ship and state rooms were comfortable and clean and the staff was always courteous and professional. The ship was well maintained and the sun decks were great for lounging between dives or having drinks at night. They crew bent over backward to make sure we had everything we wanted and were comfortable at all times, including hot towels and fresh baked snacks immediately after every dive. Despite diving 3 – 4 times a day, I think I actually gained weight on the trip. The biggest downside is that the trip is expensive. Once you get past the sticker shock, the rest of the trip quickly falls into the “once-in-a-lifetime” category. I would definitely recommend this trip and the Galapagos Sky to anyone.


Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise


Es war unglaublich! Mein Mann und ich kamen gerade von einer Tauchsafari auf der Sky zurück nach Hause. Unsere zwei Kinder waren auch dabei. Ich kann es wirklich nicht oft genug sagen, wie gebeistert ich von der Crew an Bord bin! Alle, angefangen mit dem Kapitän, bis hin zu den Schlauchbootfahrern, Küchenpersonal und den Dive Mastern waren fabelhaft und kümmerten sich gut um uns. Unsere Kabine mit dem Doppelbett war sehr schön. Die Kinder waren in einer Twin Kabine. Das Essen war traumhaft und der Empfang auf der Tauchplatform mit warmen Getränken nach jedem Tauchgang war das i-Tüpfelchen. Nun zum Tauchen: SUPER! Wir wollten unbedingt Walhaie sehen und dieser Wunsch ging in Erfüllung. Allerdings sollte man erfahrener Taucher sein, denn das Wasser ist manchmal kühl, die Strömungen sind stark und die Sicht ist mal gut mal schlecht. Doch das war es Wert, denn wir sahen auch tausende von Haien (Hammerhaie, Galapagoshaie, Seidenhaie), Seelöwen, und eine Delfinmutter mit Nachwuchs! Das war die Reise unseres Lebens. Ich schlage vor Sie bringen so viel eigene Ausrüstung mit, wir nur möglich. Auch sollte man vielleicht mal einen Kurs in Strömungstauchen absolviert haben, um gut vorbereitet zu sein. Sehr zu empfehlen an alle Taucher! Quelle:


Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise


An awesome trip My husband and I and our two children just returned from an awesome trip on the Sky. I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful the crew on the boat were. Everyone from the captain, the panga drivers, kitchen and engineering staff, the chap who looked after the cabins and of course Gonzalo who took care of us at meal times etc., were topnotch. We had a cabin with a king bed and it was very comfortable. My kids shared one with two twins. The food was delicious and plentiful and the tea and hot chocolates and snacks on the dive platform were more than appreciated. And now the diving!!! Totally awesome but not a walk in the park but any means. We wanted to see whale sharks (which we did and they were incredible), so it meant winter time! The water was cold, vis not great and there were strong currents. I am a warm water diver and it took some getting used to the 7ml, all the extra weight, gloves, hood, etc., but it was well worth it. We saw thousands of sharks. Schools of hammerheads that resembled schools of the silversides I am used to seeing, Galapagos sharks which I think are truly beautiful, silkies, etc. We were kept amused by playful sea lions and on one safety stop had a very friendly mother dolphin showing off her newborn! It really was the trip of a life time. I would suggest that you bring as much of your own gear as possible (I really wish I had my bcd with integrated weights, etc) and I think that some diving in current, cold, etc., would be good experience prior to the trip. My kids are in their twenties and we all have a goodly number of divers but mostly in the pristine conditions in the Cayman Islands so this was a whole different experience. Highly recommend the Sky to anyone considering this trip! Review from:

Graham Z., England

Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise


Galapagos Sky Tauchsafari Tauchüberblick: Man sollte in Strömungstauchen Erfahrung haben und auch wissen, wie man sich nach hinten ins Wasser rolls von einem Schlauchboot aus. Wassertemperatur lag zwischen 17-22°. Tauchgänge dauern zwischen 45-50 Minuten, was völlig ausreicht, da es 3-4 Tauchgänge pro Tag gibt. Ich hatte einen 6.5 mm Nasstauchanzug im May für jeden Tauchgang mit Haube und Handschuhen (zum Festhalten an Felsen bei der Strömung), viele andere Tauchen waren ähnlich ausgestattet. Man sollte die Kälte nicht unterschätzen. Das Tauchen an sich ist wirklich einzigartig, meine Erwartungen wurde bei weitem übertroffen. 19 Tauchgänge, davon ein Nachttauchgang, 11 bei Darwin & Wolf, diese zwei Tauchplätze sind wirklich die besten Ihrer Klasse! Wir sahen über 20 Hammerhaie in einer Schule, zahlreiche Galapagoshaie, Seidenhaie, einen 10 Meter langen Walhai, Thunfischschwärme und Delfine. Ein weiteres Highlight waren die verspielten Seelöwen, die Meerechsen und der Mola Mola. Auf Sicherheit wurde gut geachtet, es gab detaillierte Briefings vor jedem Tauchgang. Die Crew gab stets ihr Bestes, damit sich alle wohfühlen und dies gelang Ihnen perfekt. Das Schiff: Toller Service, das Essen war extrem gut und wiederholte sich kein einziges Mal. Die Crew hat viel und hart gearbeitet, damit es den Passagieren an Nichts fehlte. Die Kabinen waren in Ordnung, es gab warmes Wasser zum Duschen. Nach jedem Tauchgang wird man mit warmen Getränken und Snacks empfangen und man kann sich heiß abduschen - sensationell!

Graham Z, UK

Galapagos Sky Diving Cruise


Galápagos Sky Live Aboard Diving Overview Experience of current diving, negative entries and backward rolls from pandas (ribs) are essential. Nitrox certified whilst not essential given how far you are from the nearest recompression chamber is highly advised especially with up to 4 dives per day, also makes it easier for the crew refilling as they only have 1 gas to contend with Water temperatures range from 17 to 22 degrees (at least 3 dives were 17 degrees for the full 45 minutes) and dives are limited to 45-50 minutes which works well as that generally ensures the whole group (max 8) ascends at the same time. I used a 6.5mm semi dry in May for every dive with Lavacore hood & gloves (mainly for holding on to rocks in the current) and nearly all the other divers used similar protection or 2 piece wetsuits, don't underestimate the cold as you can be stationery for some time. The Boat Fantastic service, the food is extremely good and not repetitive at all, the crew work extremely hard to make sure you have a great experience and the camaraderie between them is obvious and makes for a great week. Rooms were fine and after 3-4 dives a day sleeping was not as issue, water always warm too. After every dive there are dry towels, a hot shower available on the dive deck and one of the crew waiting with hot drinks and nibbles! The Diving Truly amazing, the Galápagos exceeds expectations; after the week we tried to come up with our number 1 experience of the week and failed, there were 5-6 outstanding moments and everything else wasn't too bad either. 19 dives in all including 1 night dive with 11 of them at Wolf & Darwin, these 2 islands are the main reason for going and stand head and shoulders above the other dives. Always luck of the draw but we saw over 20 hammerheads in one school, loads of Galápagos Sharks, Silkies, 10 metre Whaleshark, massive shoals of tuna & jacks being fed on, snorkelling with dolphins. The other highlights were interactions with Sea Lions, Red Lipped Bat Fish, Mola Mola and the Marine iguanas. Safety was taken very seriously with comprehensive briefs and all divers issued with GPS trackers and air horns that attach to your bcd hose The crew and dive guides often went the extra mile with little things such as the snorkelling with dolphins & silky sharks and a panga ride to some caves, though we were blessed with some pretty calm seas making this possible. I suspect this isn't offered every trip as it depends on the crew and importantly the nature / behaviour of the guests towards them.

Similar Ships

Odyssey Galapagos Cruise


- Traditional first class motor yacht; - Stunning panoramic views from all cabins; - Superb social areas, including Jacuzzi on the sundeck for decadent relaxation; - Packed itinerary, at least two site visits per day, includes kayaking. The Motor Yacht Galápagos Odyssey combines the traditions and service of a classic first class yacht with a modern and stylish design that's a wonderful place to stay while exploring the islands. Completely refurbished in 2014, Odyssey boasts spacious cabins that feature individual air-conditioning, a small desk, sofa, mini-bar, and closet, as well as spacious bathrooms with shower cabins. Picture windows in each cabin give you stunning views of the Galápagos. Odyssey's social areas are inviting and luxurious, with plenty of space to enjoy some downtime or to gather and listen to your experienced naturalist guide brief you on the wide range of excursions you will enjoy. Outside space is plentiful, and you can soak up the Galápagos sun on one of the sundeck's comfortable loungers, or even in the outdoor Jacuzzi while enjoying a cocktail. With indoor and outdoor dining areas, you'll enjoy wonderful meals cooked with fresh local ingredients with your fellow guests. A range of wines, beers and cocktails is available from the well-stocked bar. The highly experienced crew of 9 will attend to your every need and make your stay on board a memorable one. There are a range of naturalist itineraries to choose from, and each offers at least 2 excursions per day. Odyssey also carries 8 tandem kayaks providing additional opportunities to enjoy the Galápagos up close. Our comments We really enjoy the "classic" motor yacht ambience of Odyssey, and her recent refit has turned her into one of the most spacious and comfortable boats in her class. Her extra size means you get "big ship" amenities like kayaks for all passenger, Jacuzzi, and really spacious cabins, and yet the intimacy of a maximum of only 16 guests at a time. Odyssey really is a first class way to see exactly what the Galápagos has to offer.

Master Galapagos Diving Cruise


Galápagos Master prides itself as being one of the most eco-friendly Galápagos diving boats in the fleet. This sturdy, all-steel vessel is the perfect choice for getting you to some of the world’s best diving sites at the remote Wolf and Darwin islands. With only 16 guests maximum per trip and a crew of 12, she offers one of the best guest-to-crew ratios of any live aboard dive boat in the Galápagos, and her equipment is first class. Comfortable cabins Master has nine modern and well-appointed cabins, including four twins on the lower deck, and four on the upper deck. There is an additional single cabin which is available for solo travelers. Lower deck cabins may be preferable for those who suffer from motion sickness, as the ship’s movement will be less apparent in the swells that sometimes occur as you cruise the waters around the Galápagos. Lower deck cabins feature traditional portholes, while upper deck cabins have larger windows. All have en suite bathrooms with shower, and rooms are air-conditioned for your comfort. A social experience Galápagos Master’s communal areas are the heart of the ship. The main deck houses the spacious indoor lounge. Comfortable social seating makes this a great place to relax and swap stories about the day’s adventures and your Galápagos diving experience. You’ll also receive your safety and naturalist briefings here. There’s a large flat screen TV with HDMI inputs, which is perfect for watching your diving movies or taking a look at your photos. Also, on the main deck is the dining area and cocktail bar. Your chef Angel produces a great range of mouthwatering dishes, including his specialty ceviche, which is truly delicious, and can be enjoyed with a range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks from the bar. Another great touch is the dedicated “camera station” where you can charge and store cameras - there are several North American power sockets available here, ensuring you’ll always be ready to capture the marine life that thrives in the Galápagos. For sun worshipers, the upper deck open-air lounge is perfect. Comfortable seating and loungers are available to help you soak up the equatorial sun. If you prefer a little more privacy, Galápagos Master’s bow area offers a quieter place to relax, with room for four sun loungers. The boat is very informal and relaxed, and you’re always welcome to use any of the gangways to move around the boat, and the captain is always happy to receive visitors on the bridge. High quality dive experience The dive deck on Master is very well-equipped, with everything you need for a first class Galápagos diving experience. Everyone is allocated their own equipment set up area, with storage for personal items. Generously sized rinse tanks are centrally located for washing down your dive equipment and camera gear, and there are 2 shower heads if you want a quick post-dive rinse. When you return from a dive, you’ll find a large dry towel waiting for you at your dive station, as well as a welcoming selection of warm drinks and snacks. **Stunning diving itineraries** With a choice of seven night and ten night itineraries, a Galápagos Master diving cruise offers something for everyone. Most days include four dives: two in the morning and two in the afternoon, but on some days you will have a shore excursion in the afternoon to allow you to see even more of the stunning Galápagos Islands and some of the land-based animals. This means that even on a seven night trip, you will enjoy 18-20 dives. However, the ten night trip means an amazing 28 dives are possible - if you can, this would be our recommendation for the ultimate Galápagos diving adventure of a lifetime. Galápagos Master offers you a wide range of dive equipment for rent at a reasonable daily rate, including full sets (excluding torch and dive computer) from $45 per day. Nitrox is available. **Our comments** Galápagos Master is a great option for seasoned divers who want to experience some of the best and most wildlife-rich diving in the world - including the world-famous Galápagos dive sites of Wolf and Darwin. Captain Javier and his dive team are highly experienced and very welcoming, and we particularly like the additional thoughtful touches that Master’s operators have put in place, such as the dedicated camera charging station and the individual preparation stations. This is a very social boat, and her large and comfortable communal areas attest to this. The salon is a great place to spend the evening checking out everyone’s photos and videos on the big screen - pictures from Galápagos you’ll treasure forever!



This traditional, single-hull motor yacht has been beautifully designed to offer the most relaxing cruise experience in first class surroundings. Built in 2007, Galaxy has modern features and fittings with a sumptuous hand-crafted decor with a traditional flavour. Although capable of carrying 19 passengers, we choose to limit numbers to 16 – keeping your journey aboard Galaxy more intimate and personal than a larger vessel can provide. Galaxy is one of the few boats in her class to be awarded the Smart Voyager Certification. This prestigious accreditation is awarded in recognition of operating practices that reduce negative environmental impact of tourism in the Galápagos Islands. Galaxy has demonstrated her excellence in conservation of ecosystems, decreased risk of introduction of non-native species, continuing staff training programs, exemplary Quality Management systems and the best practices in waste management and security. Inside the ship you can find the lounge with flat screen TV, sound system and a library has amazing panoramic windows providing a constantly changing view of the Galápagos. Rich, sumptuous sofas let you relax totally whilst you simply enjoy being on board. Dining on Galaxy is an experience in itself, and the buffet service in the elegant dining room allows you to sample the best of local and international cuisine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With 10 staff to 16 passengers, including a bilingual naturalist guide, you can be assured of excellent levels of service and attention. Our bartender has a particular way with cocktails, so be sure to take advantage of his skills. The outside communal areas take Galaxy above others in her class. The large and beautiful wooden decks provide ample room to find a cozy corner. Sofas and loungers mean comfort is never far away. The upper sun deck has both welcoming shade and open skies – perfect for soaking in the sun or gazing at the stars.

Coral I and II Galapagos Cruise

Coral I & II

Unique amongst the Galápagos fleet, these "twins" were the first to operate in this manner. Other firsts we've discovered - the first boats with an on-board barbecue, and the first with solar-powered jacuzzi! Your captains are Javier and Fabian, and in talking with the crew, we discovered that 95% of them have been working on the Corals for 10 years or more - a real sign of quality and smooth running. The Coral twins have an unrivalled reputation for operating sustainably, and we've found out that their reclamation, recycling and waste processing systems exceed the National Park Requirements. For an absolutely unique Galápagos experience, join the beautiful twins Coral I and II as you cruise in tandem to discover the hidden wonders of the archipelago. The two yachts do everything together, including their 2016 refurbishment which saw them completely refurbished with the latest energy-saving equipment and stunning uprated furnishings throughout. Coral I is a modern, first-class mega yacht with 18 double exterior cabins and a maximum of 36 passengers; Coral II is an elegant, classic and charming motor yacht for maximum of 20 passengers. Combined, they provide the intimacy of a small-scale adventure itinerary with the outstanding features of a luxury cruise. These beautiful twins provide the perfect combination of classic lines and wonderful style. The decor throughout has been carefully planned to give a warm and intimate feel, with natural shades reflecting the colors of the Islands as you sail. Thanks to wonderful panoramic windows throughout, the ocean and nature seem to fill the boats. The communal areas of the salon, dining room and bar have been beautifully finished with hand-crafted wood finishes that take you back to the golden age of maritime travel. Cozy sofas, TV/DVD, stereo and guest library add the perfect finishing touches. Bringing us right up to date, the wonderful jacuzzi tub and the sun and shade decks give you the choice of every outdoor ambiance to relax and socialize in. The Corals recent refit brought them right up to date, and they now feature new dedicated electrical outlets for 110V appliances compatible with iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android and MP3 players. There are three classes of cabin to choose from and all have stylish new furniture and full air conditioning. Other cabin amenities include flat screen TV, music system, personal safe and internal phone. Everyone enjoys an elegant private bathroom with cold and hot water, hair dryer, electric mirror and other amenities. Some cabins can also connect, making them ideal for families or group traveling together. No luxury experience would be complete without superb refreshment. The elegant bar on board is well stocked with local beers, the finest South American wines and premium spirits and a selection of cocktails. Highly trained chefs prepare a diverse and exciting range of local and international fine dining served in a more relaxed buffet style. An outdoor barbecue station on the sundeck provides the opportunity to sample wonderfully fresh grilled produce with an ocean view that is unrivalled. The unique twin vessels of Coral I & II just ooze with that classic motor yacht charm, and yet they have up to the minute amenities and comfort. We really like the high sundecks with jacuzzi tubs, and the panoramic windows fitted to all the indoor communal spaces make you feel like you’re outside even when you’re sitting in the comfortable, elegant lounge. There’s also something a little bit special about cruising in tandem, and alway seeing your twin boat with you

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