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Galapagos Cruises 2022

All Cruises to the Galápagos Islands in 2022, filtered by date

Unsure which 2022 Galápagos cruise to pick?

Booking well in advance for a 2022 Galápagos cruise is the ideal way to secure your exact requirements, getting you the dates, ship and itinerary you want for a perfect adventure-of-a-lifetime Galápagos cruise. We always recommend this approach, particularly if you are planning a wider South American trip at the same time so that you secure all your travel plans long before you depart, and you don't have to worry. Should you also want to look at other dates and not only 2022, you can look at all Galápagos Cruises here.

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When should I book a Galapagos cruise for 2022?

If you want to be able to secure your perfect dates, perfect ship, and perfect itinerary, then NOW is the perfect time to book your Galápagos cruise 2022! By booking in advance, you will have your pick of the best ships and can plan the ideal Galápagos cruise.

Thanks to Galapatours clever search filters you can choose specific dates, or a range of dates between which you'd like to travel, then personalize everything from the class of ship, to the style of vessel, to the islands you want to visit, and so much more. It really does allow you to make a tailor-made visit to Galápagos in 2022.

If that's too much choice for you, contact one of our friendly Galápagos travel advisors today. They can walk you through all the options and even make personal recommendations based on our own experiences of cruises on every vessel. Because we work directly with boat owners and operators, we have an unrivaled knowledge to help us make your Galápagos cruise 2022 a trip-of-a-lifetime!

Another great reason to book for 2022 now is that we only require a 20% deposit to secure your places, with the balance not being due until 80 days before you travel. Booking with Galapatours is straightforward and secure. Galapatours is a German company that operates under German and EU laws that mean your money and trip are safe even in the highly unlikely event of any bankruptcy or financial difficulty of the company.

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What could I expect to see on a 2022 Galapagos cruise?

The Galápagos is a real "bucket list" travel destination for many people, thanks to its unique and unspoilt habitats and wildlife. A Galápagos cruise is the perfect way to fully experience the islands because it offers you the chance to see so much more than a hotel-based stay.

If you are interested in endangered species, conservation, evolution, and other natural history topics, a Galápagos cruise in 2022 will be a dream come true for you! From seeing the Darwin's Finches that inspired the groundbreaking "On the Origin of Species" to iconic unique species like the Galápagos Giant Tortoises and the Galápagos Marine Iguanas, a cruise will enable you to get closer to more of these amazing sites.

Each island is home to unique species and stunning landscapes - from the "lunar landscape" of the younger, lava-strewn islands to the lush, tropical interiors and towering volcanic cones of the older islands. With plunging cliffs, remarkable natural bays formed from collapsed volcanoes, white sand beaches, and exotic mangroves, the Galápagos is a real natural wonder of the world.

With a huge number of itineraries to choose from, why not speak to one of our expert Galápagos travel advisors today? When planning your 2022 Galápagos cruise they can help you with suggestions for the best times to travel, the best value ships and the most exciting itineraries to make your trip to the Galápagos in 2022 a cruise to remember for a lifetime.

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