Shark Bay, Galapagos

Iconic creatures at this iconic dive site

Shark Bay, Galapagos
  • Fauna abundance

  • Striking vistas

  • Difficulty

  • Snorkeling Quality


Shark Bay at Wolf Island is an underwater visitor point well known as being among THE best dive sites in Galapagos to see Hammerheads and Galapagos Sharks. Whale sharks have alse been encountered here, as well as a huge range of fish, rays, turtles, marine mammals and many more iconic Galapagos creatures.

Photos of Shark Bay

Highlights at Shark Bay

  • Hammerhead sharks in great numbers
  • Chance of whale shark encounters
  • Multitude of Galapagos and Silky shark encounters
  • Dolphins and sometimes whales
  • Superb diving conditions

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Map of Shark Bay

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