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Is a Galapagos cruise LGBT friendly?

Absolutely. The Galapagos Islands are a fascinating destination for adventurous travelers from around the world. If you are interested in evolution, conservation, and viewing some of the rarest animals and habitats left on Earth, then a Galapagos cruise will be a wonderful trip of a lifetime!

One of the delights of choosing a cruise is that you meet like-minded guests who are visiting the Galapagos for the same reasons as you - it's a pleasure to share gourmet meals and thrilling excursions with your fellow passengers, who are all as enthusiastic about the wonders of the Galapagos as you are.

All of our cruises are LGBT friendly, as are the Islands themselves. Many of our gay and lesbian clients are now choosing to celebrate their honeymoons with us on a Galapagos cruise - the most memorable and romantic way to start your new life together!

We have cruises to suit all tastes and budgets, including dedicated diving cruises on purpose-built liveaboards, as well as the ultimate luxury ships for a truly magnificent Galapagos cruise experience. Contact one of our expert Galapagos travel advisors today to help you plan your perfect LGBT-friendly Galapagos cruise.

What should I pack for my gay and lesbian friendly Galapagos cruise?

When packing for your gay and lesbian friendly Galapagos cruise there are a few key things to remember. We have a suggested packing list that we send to all our guests when they book, but here are a few tips:

Travel light - there is a baggage allowance of 44lb (20kg) per passenger on all flights to and from Galapagos, so don't bring the kitchen sink! Our top tip is to bring only what you need for your time in the islands - leave other bags securely in Quito while you enjoy your gay and lesbian friendly Galapagos cruise.

Be casual - the "dress code" in Galapagos is definitely relaxed. There's no need to bring your tuxedos or ball gowns. Far more important are practical, comfortable clothes that will keep the fierce Galapagos sun off your skin, keep you cool, and you can wear on excursions like hikes and panga rides.

Remember the essentials - medical facilities on the Galapagos are basic so please remember to pack enough prescription medication for your whole South American trip. Also if you are prone to motion sickness then bring your seasickness medication. Most importantly, bring sunblock (lots of it) and use it (lots of it).

By following these tips and our packing list you will be assured of having the best gay and lesbian friendly Galapagos cruise experience.

I want to book a gay-friendly cruise to Galapagos. When's the best time to travel?

Thanks to their position on the equator there's never a bad time to enjoy a gay-friendly cruise to Galapagos. There is always plenty to see and do, but if you have certain preferences for what you want to see or what activities you particularly enjoy then there might be a "best" time for your personal needs.

Galapatours has produced a detailed guide to when to travel to Galapagos, but here are some highlights:

The warm season stretched from December to May, bringing average temperatures of 86°F (30°C) and generally warmer and calmer seas. This is the best time for avid snorkelers as the sea temperatures mean that it's not always necessary to wear a wetsuit (or perhaps just a shorty).

The cool season runs from June to November, and you're likely to see high temperatures of around 81°F (25°C), with typically more cloudy skies and the occasional rain shower. Sea conditions are a little rougher, with larger swells, and sea temperatures are lower thanks to the cold currents. On the flip side, these cold currents are food rich and so you will see more marine species at this time. You will need a wetsuit!

If there are particular animals, habitats or activities you want to enjoy on a gay-friendly cruise to Galapagos then speak to one of our expert travel advisors today. They can help you plan the perfect time to visit the islands, and choose the best ship and itinerary to give you a wonderful experience.