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What can I expect from a Budget Galapagos cruise?

While it is true that many people looking to visit Galapagos want a real "trip-of-a-lifetime" luxury experience we also have a good range of budget Galapagos cruises for those people who are prepared to sacrifice some facilities in exchange for a wallet-friendly Galapagos adventure.

So what can you expect from a budget Galapagos cruise? Well, the first thing to say is that all of our budget class vessels are completely safe and very well-maintained. There are never any savings made when it comes to safety. On a budget Galapagos cruise, your main sacrifice will be space. Most of the budget vessels offer small cabins, most usually with bunk beds. You may have no windows at all if you are below decks, or perhaps a porthole rather than panoramic windows. Most cabins should still come with a private bathroom, but it will be smaller and more functional. You can still expect everything to be clean and well-presented, and for there to be a housekeeping service.

When it comes to communal facilities on a budget Galapagos cruise you will find cosy but smaller lounges, and there is usually less outside space, with smaller sundecks. Your food will be of a good quality, but will tend to be more simple than on a mid-range Galapagos cruise for example.

Budget Galapagos cruises tend to be very popular with younger travelers and those visiting Galapagos as part of an extended South American adventure, and this tends to make these boats have a fun and chilled vibe, as you'll see from some of the photos under each boat listing.

The final thing to note is that budget Galapagos cruises visit almost all the same Galapagos visitor sites as all the others, and they all have great itineraries that you can choose from. When it comes to a budget cruise you are not going to see less of the Galapagos, just a bit less space and slightly fewer facilities.

What should I pack for my budget Galapagos cruise?

Because space tends to be at a premium on a budget Galapagos cruise we provide all our clients with a suggested Galapagos packing list when they book with us. You should note that the packing requirements for your budget cruise are no different than packing for a mid-range Galapagos cruise, or any other class. Dress code in Galapagos is always "casual"!

One factor that you should remember is that the baggage allowance for flights to and from Galapagos and Ecuador is 44lb (20kg) per person. We would recommend using a secure left-luggage facility on the mainland and bringing only what you need for Galapagos with you. Particularly for our budget cruises, this tip will ensure you aren't cluttering up your cabin with bags!

You should certainly make sure that you bring your camera and accessories. Please note that it's rare for budget class Galapagos cruise ships to have power points in cabins, but there is almost always a 110v or 12v outlet that you can use either in the wheelhouse or in the communal lounge for charging devices like cameras and phones. No budget class ships have onboard wifi, and mobile phone signals away from the two main towns in Galapagos are few and far between. We enjoy switching ours off and enjoying some screen detox time!

It's important to bring enough prescription medication to last your entire time in South America, and please PLEASE remember to bring sunblock, and lots of it. The equatorial sun is fierce, and you will burn even through light cloud cover. Please apply generously, and often!

Why should I book a budget Galapagos cruise with Galapatours?

At Galapatours we live and breathe the Galapagos islands. They are our passion! It's this personal touch that makes booking your budget Galapagos cruise through us a simple and rewarding experience.

Firstly, we hand-pick the ships in our listings to ensure you only get the best in the fleet, no matter what class of cruise you select, from budget and mid-range Galapagos cruises all the way up to Luxury experiences. We personally visit every vessel and speak to every captain or owner, and we only list those who we know will give you a wonderful Galapagos experience.

Secondly, when you book your budget Galapagos cruise with us we only need to take a 20% deposit to secure your booking on your adventure of a lifetime. The balance of your cruise is not then fully due until 80 days before your cruise is due to sail. Because we are a German travel company we must operate under German and EU laws, which means your deposit, balance payment and holiday are completely safe, even in the unlikely event of any corporate bankruptcy or financial stress, giving you peace of mind.

Finally, we have the most comprehensive and detailed listings of Galapagos cruises to suit any budget. We also have extremely dedicated and knowledgeable Galapagos travel advisors on hand to help you every step of the way, Why not call or live chat with us now? We can start to help you put together a wonderful budget Galapagos cruise you'll remember forever.