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ASAMOGAL Community Tour Galapagos Coffee Tour

Addon: A day with locals: Coffee Tour (4h)

Explore a coffee farm and a remarkable social project.

Price: USD 145

This is more than a typical day tour; it's a heartfelt invitation to immerse yourself in the local community and grasp the realities they face while residing in the enchanting Galapagos.

In this 4-hour adventure through the highlands of San Cristóbal, you'll explore a coffee farm and a remarkable social project, a true beacon of hope and sustainability for the island. This experience offers more than just insights into coffee production; it's an odyssey beyond typical tourist paths. The tour sheds light on critical subjects like food sovereignty, female empowerment, youth employment, and community support through their impactful Solitaire Fund.

Within this addon, you'll unravel the very essence of Galapagos living. Gain a deeper understanding of the islanders' challenges and witness ASAMOGAL's multifaceted economic efforts in action. From coffee cultivation to fruit pulp production predominantly driven by women, as well as engaging coffee tours and tasting experiences, you'll witness the seamless integration of agriculture and tourism, fundamental for a sustainable future.

Seize this opportunity to invest a profound day alongside the locals, delving into their daily triumphs and tribulations. Peer beyond the idyllic postcard scenery and comprehend the unwavering resilience and determination ingrained in the daily life of this paradise. ASAMOGAL's inspiring journey epitomizes community unity and showcases their dedication to upholding the delicate harmony between humanity and nature in the Galapagos Islands.

Day 1 • Discover Galapagos Island Life: ASAMOGAL Community Tour

ASAMOGAL Community Tour Galapagos Coffee Tour
ASAMOGAL Community Tour Galapagos Coffee Tour
ASAMOGAL Community Tour Galapagos Coffee Tour

Step 1: Morning Meetup (10:00 AM) Begin your day at the vibrant heart of Calle Española, in front of "Ranti Galapagos Coffee Shop." Here, you'll meet your friendly local guide who will accompany you throughout this enriching adventure.

Step 2: Island Drive and Picture-Perfect Moments Embark on a picturesque 30-minute drive through the lush landscapes of San Cristóbal. The island's beauty will captivate you, offering opportunities to stop and capture memorable photos.

Step 3: Arrival at the Coffee Plantation (Vía Junco and Las Goteras) Arriving at the coffee plantation, nestled at Vía Junco and Las Goteras, you'll be warmly greeted and guided through the intricacies of coffee production. Walk through the plantation, gaining insights into how coffee is grown and the positive impact this project has on the local community.

Step 4: Immersive Coffee Experience Dive into the essence of Galapagos living with a hands-on coffee experience. Visit the coffee drying booth, observe different drying techniques, discuss post-harvest care, engage in threshing and manual sorting of green coffee, and witness a demonstration of the roasting process.

Step 5: Return to Ranti Galapagos Coffee Shop Head back to the city and arrive at Ranti Galapagos Coffee Shop. Here, you'll have the opportunity to taste various coffee roasts and partake in an exciting "awaken your senses" exercise, immersing your taste buds in fruits, spices, and delicacies.


  • Guided activity in Spanish or English
  • Entrance to the Coffee Farm
  • Entrance to the Coffee Processing Plant in Las Peñas Sector, "Kamak Coffee Roastery"
  • Visit to El Junco or Galapaguera
  • 2 Cups of coffee (50ml each) of two roasting levels in the Tasting Session
  • A coffee-based beverage from our menu
  • Filtered or sparkling mineral water
  • A mini bar of Pakari chocolate
  • For children, hot chocolate with lactose-free milk
  • Transportation: For safety reasons, regardless of the number of pax, we will use the taxi service.

Transportation: Private Taxi (0:30h)

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