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Wholesale Deals For Galapagos Cruises

10% commission for travel agents. Contact us!

Why should my travel agency partner with Galapatours?

Offering the best Galápagos naturalist cruises is our sole focus. We're specialists in this one area, and we're proud of that.

Our travel advisers are all Galápagos experts, and we know every ship in the fleet personally. Members of our team visit the islands several times a year and speak to the boat operators and crew, assuring continued quality and the best experience for your customers. If a boat no longers "cuts it" in its class, we won't list them unless and until things improve.

This means we can help you not only give your customers the best advice, but to ensure that they book a fantastic Galápagos cruise that will ensure them of a holiday of a lifetime! Contact us now to find out how we can start working together.

Certified Galapagos Specialists


International Travel Awards

Our parent brand Ventura TRAVEL was voted Germany's best tour operator 2018.


Sustainable Tourism Certification

As a sustainable tour operator, we are certified by TourCert.

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Do you offer your Galapagos cruises on a wholesale basis?

Yes we do! If you are a travel agency or similar business we are able to offer excellent wholesale opportunities. Our commission rate is 10%, and with our high average prices per sale this can be an excellent new revenue opportunity if you'd like to partner with us. Contact us now to discuss in more detail how our wholesale Galápagos cruise deals could benefit your business and your clients.

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Can you help me to find my customers their ideal Galapagos cruise?

We certainly can. Our first-hand knowledge, expertise and our unique portal means we can help you to find your customers the perfect Galápagos cruise to suit their needs. We've done all the research for you, and our portal is updated daily to ensure both the best prices and the most accurate availability. Contact us now for more information on how we can work together to add Galápagos Cruises to your product portfolio.

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