Galapagos Legend Cruise

Galápagos Legend Cruise

This extraordinary ship gives unbeatable value for money

A Galápagos Cruise on board the Legend


-50% for children ≤ 12


Triple cabins


Kayaks on board

doctor's suitcase

Doctor on board

shared bedroom

Single travellers can share cabin


100% CO2 carbon footprint offset

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  • Cruise ship facilities in an intimate setting;
  • Great range of excursions, and optional Scuba Diving;
  • Excellent range of accommodation options;
  • Family friendly;

The Motor Vessel Galápagos Legend is a superb, 300 feet long, purpose built luxury expedition vessel. Offering the very best in boutique adventure cruises, your journey will bring you all the amenities you would expect from a luxury cruise liner, and yet affords an intimate and personal glimpse into the stunning wildlife and habitats of the Islands.

Superb facilities Built in 2001 and fully refurbished to an exceptional standard in 2017, Legend boasts amongst the best facilities available on any vessel in the archipelago. With 5 decks of accommodation and communal space, yet a maximum of only 100 passengers Galápagos Legend provides room for you to relax and contemplate the sights and sounds of the Islands.

Onboard facilities include a superb restaurant, beautifully appointed lounge, inside and outside bars, and uniquely a choice of sun, observation and star gazing decks. There’s also a swimming pool. If you need to burn a little more energy then the ship has a well-equipped gym. For those who prefer something less strenuous you can lie back in a hammock, relax in the special open lounge, watch for passing dolphins or soak your cares away in the jacuzzi.

Accommodation to suit everyone There are 57 cabins, with a variety of specifications to suit every requirement, however all are fully air conditioned with private en suite bathroom with hot water, and feature TVs and telephones for internal and international calling.

The feature accommodation is the Legend Balcony Suite on the Moon deck. Featuring over 43 square metres of space, with a private balcony, a mini fridge and complimentary champagne. It can be configured as a twin or double and can take an additional bed if needed.

There are a further 16 balcony suites with between 21 and 28sqm of space, 8 on Moon deck and 8 on Sky deck. All have a mini fridge with complimentary champagne and a private balcony. All can take an extra bed for triple occupancy.

There are 28 junior suites, all on Earth deck and with between 12 and 21sqm of space, each with panoramic windows. There are twins and doubles, and all can take an extra bed. 4 of the junior suites can be made into quadruples - ideal for families or group travelling together.

There are a further 7 Standard Plus cabins, 5 on Sea deck and 2 on Earth deck, all featuring skylights and 10 or 11 sqm of space. They can be configured as twins or doubles. Finally there are 3 Standard interior cabins of 11, 12 and 16 sqm respectively, all on Earth deck. The largest can take an extra bed for triple occupancy.

Family friendly Ideal for families because of its flexible cabin options, Galápagos Legend features a children’s corner with games and activities, and plenty of open spaces and areas to explore. Adults will appreciate the on board boutique, well-stocked library and 24 hour coffee centre! Perfect for non-swimmers or those who don’t wish to snorkel, Galápagos Legend boasts one of the few ship-carried glass-bottomed pangas (motorised dinghies) in the Islands, meaning everyone gets to marvel at the underwater habit.

Service standards are excellent, with 80 plus crew and a maximum of 100 passengers. Qualified bilingual naturalist guides take only small groups on excursions, meaning everyone gets chance to ask questions and get up-close experiences. Quality of the food on board is frequently highlighted by guests as extremely good. New features include digital entertainment systems and massage chairs for extreme decadence!

Our comment Despite her larger size and extra amenities, Galápagos Legend manages to retain an intimate and personal feel. The space means nowhere ever feels crowded and we like the additional thoughtful features like a pool, a gym and kids’ area. We LOVE the hammocks! Ideal for families or group travel, yet just as applicable to couples we think the Galápagos Legend has so much to offer - including a superb deck to lie back and star gaze. Oh, did we mention the hammocks?

Cruise fuel surcharge: US$ 50 for 3 or 4 night cruises, US$ 100 for 7 nights.

Pictures and Deckplans of Legend

Galapagos Legend Cruise
Galapagos Legend Cruise
Galapagos Legend Cruise

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The sailing routes of Legend

Amenities on board the Legend


-50% for children ≤ 12

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German guide possible

FR guide

French guide possible


Triple cabins

connected cabins

Interconnecting cabins

scuba diving

Scuba outing possible


Kayaks on board


Internet / WIFI

doctor's suitcase

Doctor on board


Private Balcony

shared bedroom

Single travellers can share cabin


Snorkel gear (free)


Transfers to and from ship


Water, Coffee, Tea & fresh juices


Sundeck with jacuzzi


Gym on board

children corner

Children's corner with activities


Glass Bottom Boat


100% CO2 carbon footprint offset

air conditioning

Air conditioning & private bathroom


All meals throughout the cruise

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Sustainability on board the Legend

At Galapatours we love and respect the pristine ecosystems and fascinating wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, and we insist that our cruise partners do too. To protect the archipelago all our cruise vessels must have sophisticated water filtration systems, modern efficient engines, and strict maintenance schedules to minimize pollution.

The Galápagos National Park authority also defines exact cruising routes that dictate which ships can visit highlights at specific times, as well as limiting passenger numbers. These measures ensure that animals and habitats are not disturbed by too many visitors.

But at Galapatours we like to go even further. We voluntarily offset all the CO2 emissions of every cruise we sell - at no cost to you. And you can also play your part by traveling responsibly and following our Eco Guidelines during your stay. Click here to find out more about these guidelines, our commitment to sustainable tourism, and the Galápagos National Park rules.

Technical details of Legend


First Class Ship


Expedition Cruise Ship




91 m


3,9 m


110 / 220 AC


15 m

Cruising speed

13 kt

Food & Drinks on board the Legend

The food on our Galapágos Cruises is among the very best you will find in South America. Most of the on-board chefs are internationally trained and have prior experience working in the best hotels and restaurants in Ecuador and indeed around the world.

You can expect a first-class selection of food, including a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced poultry and fish/seafood, rice and pasta dishes. Most boats will always include some typical Ecuadorian dishes on the menu during your cruise. If you have specific dietary requirements then these can usually be accommodated by the chef providing you have given advance notice. Please make sure you tell us about any allergies or dietary requirements you have at the time you book with us. If you leave it until you arrive at the dockside, then it may well be impossible to accommodate your needs.

Most boats serve a range of options at meal times in a relaxed buffet-style. At the first class and luxury end of the market, some boats have more formal dining where you will be served at your seat. However the atmosphere is always relaxed on board our cruises, and never stuffy or formal.

Cabins categories on board the Legend

Standard Interior
Standard Interior

3 Standard interior cabins are located on the Earth Deck. Each cabin includes: hair dryer, special bedding, and updated furniture. Internal, local and international satellite telephone service is offered, Internet is accessible when anchoring in main islands.

Standard Plus
Standard Plus

There are a 7 Standard Plus cabins, 5 on the Sea deck and 2 on the Earth deck, all featuring skylights and 10 or 11 sqm of space. They can be configured as twins or doubles.

Triple Junior Suite
Junior Suites

There are 28 Junior Suites located on the Earth Deck with 2 Panoramic windows in each cabin. 24 Double or Triple Suites (average area: 15 m2 / 161 ft2) & 4 Quadruple Suites (average area: 20m2 /215 ft2). Top of the line amenities. Each cabin includes: hair dryer, special bedding, and updated furniture. Internal, local and international satellite telephone service is offered, Internet is accessible when anchoring in main islands.

Balcony Suite
Balcony Suite

There are 8 Balcony Suites on the Moon Deck & 8 Balcony Suites on the Sky Deck. Double & Triple options available. Panoramic view windows + private balcony & mini fridge & champagne. Top of the line amenities & bathrobe. Each cabin includes: hair dryer, special bedding, and updated furniture. Internal, local and international satellite telephone service is offered, Internet is accessible when anchoring in main islands.

Legend Balcony Suite
Legend Balcony Suite

There is one Legend Balcony Suite located on the Moon Deck with Double & Triple options. Exclusive & exquisite decoration and amazing balcony. Mini fridge & champagne. Top of the line amenities & bathrobe. Each cabin includes: hair dryer, special bedding, and updated furniture. Internal, local and international satellite telephone service is offered, Internet is accessible when anchoring in main islands.

Reviews of Legend

Daisy Z., New York

Die Legend ist super! Meine Eltern und ich waren noch vor kurzen auf der Legend, eine 4 Tages Tour hatten wir gebucht. Der Thomas von Galapatours war sehr hilfsbereit und antwortete schnell auf Mails. Thomas beantwortete all unsere Fragen bevor wir buchten.

Die Legend ist gerade renoviert worden und sieht toll aus! Alle Angestellten und Guides auf diesem Schiff sind sehr freundlich und machen ihre Arbeit gut. Die Route ist gut durchdacht. Das Geld war es auf jeden Fall wert.

Daisy Z., New York City

Loved the Legend Me and my parents recently just came back from Galapagos Island. We booked 4-Day/3-Night Legend Cruise tour through Galapatours. Our travel specialist Thomas is very helpful and quick for replying our emails. Thomas answered all of our questions and concerns before we book our tour through Galapatours. He also get us a great deal by upgrading our cruise cabin.

The Legend Cruise itself is great.It's recent renovated cruise. All the staffs and guides on the cruise are so friendly and professional. The itinerary is full and well planned. Definitely worth the money.

gmcatlin, California

Great ship My wife and I did a 4 night cruise on the Galapagos Legend last month, from May 1 to 5.

We opted for the cheapest cabins on the lowest level, and of course this was still the most expensive cruise we have ever been on. We were in cabin 39 on the Sea Deck. The cabin consisted of two single beds separated by about three feet, with a narrow space at the foot of the beds. There were a couple drawers, a small closet and a small but workable bathroom with shower. We had two non-opening portholes for light and view. All perfectly functional but nothing luxurious.

Preferences and budgets vary, but I would not recommend paying for a larger room for the simple reason that you will spend so little time in the cabin. We were awake at 6:00 AM every day (the ship goes by mainland time, so this is actually 5:00 AM Galapagos time). Breakfast was at 7:00, and we boarded the zodiac boats at 8:00 for our first outing of the day. Other than a couple hours of "free time" after lunch each day, we were always busy with something. And even during that early afternoon break, there are many pleasant places on the deck to hang out, so I don't see a need for a private balcony.

The Legend is one of the largest ships in the Galapagos, and can carry 100 passengers. We were fortunate with our shoulder-season timing, because the ship only had 59 passengers for our cruise. Our decision to choose a large ship was primarily driven by concerns about seasickness. I know people that bobbed around on a small boat for a week and were sick the whole time. My wife is particularly susceptible to this - in a large group she will usually be among the very first to feel queasy. We also timed our trip for a period when sea conditions are usually fairly mild, and as it turned out seasickness was never an issue for us or any other passenger on that trip.

However I think there are other advantages to a large ship. The Legend is 301 feet long, with several decks, so there are lots of places to wander around, or to hang out and chat, or to find a secluded spot to read or enjoy the view. They have a large dining room, and well-staffed kitchen. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, which we prefer since we can focus on just the foods we like. I am not the one to give a food review, but I found the meals to be very good. Although I doubt they would particularly impress people who are used to the Holland America style cruises. A Galapagos cruise is much more about the destination than the shipboard experience.

There is a significant down side to a large ship, and that is the potential for crowds to disrupt your interactions with the natural Galapagos experience. According to National Park rules, each group at a Galapagos site must be limited to 16 people and have an offical guide. So if you are on a small boat with 16 passengers, you will land at each site with just your guide and that group. Your group will be the only ones there. But with a larger ship, there will be multiple groups each with their own guide. Since we had 59 passengers on the Legend for our trip, there were four different groups. Each group departs the Legend in their own zodiac boat, so they get staggered a little in their arrival time at the beach. But you will typically have one group not very far ahead of you, and another not far behind. And you may end up on a beach will all the other people, which can disrupt the experience somewhat.

I found that having the extra groups roaming around was a small negative, but not terribly serious. This is because the wildlife you are viewing are not shy - they don't run and hide when the first group passes by. I think each group ends up getting a similar experience. But this is something to think about if you would like to feel a bit more isolation in your visit.

I felt the Legend was a pretty decent ship. It seems well maintained (it is an older ship but recently refurbished). The crew did a good job making the cruise a good experience. Things were well-organized and made good use of our limited time in the islands. I would definitely recommend the Legend to someone who makes a well-thought out decision to choose a larger ship.

In summary, we were happy with our choice of the Legend. For us, the advantages of the large ship outweighed the crowds. But we were lucky that the ship did not have a full complement of passengers.

Linda H., Mareeba

Most wonderful time of our lifes My husband and I travelled on the "Galapagos Legend" from 26th Feb. to 5th March. At the suggestion of our Aurora Expeditions' travel expert in Sydney, (who arranged everything for us) we booked Tours B & C, because it fitted in with our other travel itinerary, and also went to most of the islands. The choice of small or larger boat was not available to us - the two small boats were fully booked. We travelled with 98 people on Tour B, and 45 on Tour C. I definitely recommend more than one tour, because every island is different, either because of the island itself or the animals on each.

We were split into groups of 16, and the zodiac landings were very well organized - in no time, everyone was either on the island or riding along the coastline. We were never inundated with other groups being in the same place, and had plenty of opportunities to observe and enjoy the animals - no rush to get from place to place. All guides were very friendly and knowledgeable, and keen to give us the best experience they could.

We had many landings on the islands, and snorkelled in both deeper water or near the beach, sometimes swimming with sea lions or large turtles, and seeing many varieties of fish, starfish and also a few Galapagos penguins. We saw a marine iguana feeding on the bottom, and reef sharks and rays. We slowly moved along the coastline in the zodiacs, seeing such a variety of animals and birds - brown pelicans, blue footed boobies, marine iguanas, sea lions, turtles, flightless cormorants.

Sullivan Bay, on Santiago is a spectacular lava flow, as far as the eye can see. Very little else to see, except Sally Lightfoot crabs, maybe a small lizard or two, and we saw a small cactus growing out of the hardened lava. So interesting and unusual.

At Urbina Bay on Isabela, we saw lots of Galapagos tortoises and land iguanas, then on to Tagus Cove, where we walked up to Lake Darwin - beautiful view.

South Plaza was so different - lots of large cactus growing, with land iguanas that eat the cactus. Beautiful colours of low-growing plants - reds, browns, greens. On Santa Fe, there were many sea lions and babies on the beach, as well as mockingbirds, finches, iguanas and Galapagos doves.

Pitt Point on San Cristobal was spectacular - we walked to the top of a volcanic tuff - it was like being on the moon - stark landscape with fabulous views. Some travellers didn't go - "there's only a view" they said - didn't they miss out!! One tip - don't say no to anything - you'll have a great experience, whatever you do.

As for travelling on the "Legend", we had a wonderful time. The food is amazing and plentiful - the evening meal is as appealing as anything you'd get in a good restaurant (with choices for main meal and dessert), plus 2 other courses. Breakfast and lunch is buffet-style - again, very nice food.

We were very happy with our cabin, and we were upgraded for the second tour - keeping a smaller number of people closer together, I suppose. All staff and guides were very friendly and efficient. The transfers for the whole trip were perfectly organized - we were never left standing and wondering where our driver was!

We had a wonderful time in the Galapagos Islands - the animals are not afraid of humans, so we were able to observe them closely. The tour boats are very strictly regulated, so we had the islands to ourselves when we landed - not sharing these special places with lots of other people. What a bonus! Thank you to everybody who made this trip unforgettable.

Catherine Moore

What an unforgettable trip! Was a truly enjoyable experience would recommend to anyone who was considering a visit to The Galapagos Islands. Loved the Legend. perfect size.

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