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Galapagos Cruises For Seniors

A selection of larger Galápagos cruise ships that include a 24h medical service

Could a Galápagos cruise be the perfect retirement celebration?

Well, we certainly think so! Many of our clients are celebrating the end of a hard-working career and the beginning of their "golden age" by embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime Galápagos adventure. And what better way to toast the beginning of the rest of your life than with a luxury cruise?

At Galapatours, we work directly with the owners and operators of Galápagos ships to bring you only the best cruises for seniors and retirees. For the younger (and younger-at-heart) guest, a smaller, more intimate and indulgent cruise experience might be perfect. For those enjoying an adventure later in their golden years a larger vessel with 24-hour medical assistance available and more spacious decks might be most appropriate.

Whichever option suits you better you don't have to sacrifice comfort and quality. We have the perfect vessels for you in our First Class and Luxury ranges, allowing you to indulge in wonderful cuisine, remarkable levels of service and luxurious comfort while you explore the unique wildlife and habitats of the Galápagos islands. Let our expert Galápagos travel advisors help you find the perfect seniors cruise today, matching you with the perfect ship and the perfect itinerary to meet your personal requirements.

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What medical facilities are available on Galapagos cruises for seniors?

We have carefully curated a list of Galápagos cruise ships which offer onboard medical facilities and a 24-hour Medical Officer for your peace of mind. Inevitably these are the larger ships in the fleet, but for our more mature guests this has the advantage that their greater size makes it easier to get around, with fewer narrow stairs and plenty of crew to assist you.

All of the Medical Officers on board our Galápagos cruise tours for seniors are fully qualified to assist with almost any minor medical concerns, and all are on call night and day for advice, assistance and reassurance if you need it.

Galápagos does have hospital facilities but they are only able to treat minor medical conditions - anything more than this will require an airlift to the Ecuador mainland. For this reason, we recommend you take your physician's advice before booking your Galápagos cruise, ensure you bring enough of any prescription medication you may need for your whole trip, and make sure you take out a high-quality travel insurance policy.

How fit and mobile do I need to be to enjoy a Galapagos seniors cruise?

A typical Galápagos cruise will be suitable for guests from age 12 to 80, but some are more active than others. If you have a concern about mobility or fitness, speak to one of our expert Galápagos travel advisors. Because we know all our ships and their itineraries intimately, we can recommend boats that will be perfect for your own levels of fitness and mobility.

Some excursions are gentle strolls through remarkable habitats. Some involve swimming or snorkeling with wonderful creatures. Some might involve a beach landing using a panga (the local name for the inflatable tenders each cruise boat uses). You can get an idea of what a typical day on a Galapatours cruise is like here. Our Galápagos cruises for seniors enjoy very high staff-to-guest ratios, and our boats pride themselves on their level of service to all passengers, so you be sure to be made to feel welcome and to have plenty of assistance whenever you need it. Just ask!

At Galapatours we want as many people to enjoy the wonders of Galápagos as possible, so contact one of our travel experts today to find the perfect Galápagos cruise for you, whatever your age, fitness or mobility levels.


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