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Why do Galapagos cruises have fixed itineraries?

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Why do Galápagos cruises have fixed itineraries?

Why do Galápagos cruises have fixed itineraries?

The Galapagos Islands are a travel destination unlike any other. The entire archipelago forms the largest marine reserve in the Americas, and the islands themselves all belong to the Galapagos National Park. Because of the unique wildlife and habitats found in Galapagos, there is a real need to protect the waters and islands for future generations.

Galapagos tourism is highly regulated, and the number of boats, visitors and visitor sites are strictly limited. All vessels authorised to operate tourist cruises must submit pre-planned itineraries to the National Park authorities for approval, and once approved they must be strictly adhered to.

Although designed to minimise any damage caused by tourism, these restrictions actually benefit visitors. By limiting the ratio of visitors to each naturalist guide, and by restricting the number of vessels able to use visitor sites at one time, you benefit from a much more intimate experience than would otherwise be possible.

At Galapatours we choose boats with itineraries that have been designed to maximize your experience of the Galapagos. We reject any itineraries which favor ease of navigation or any other factor not directly related to your enjoyment of the archipelago. Many vessels offer more than one itinerary, and they will rotate from one to the other. There are also specialist dive itineraries available.

Whatever your requirements, call us now and speak to one of our Galapagos experts. By letting us know what you are looking for out of your Galapagos experience we will be able to match you with the perfect boat and the perfect itinerary for your trip of a lifetime.

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