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When is the best time for a Galapagos Cruise?

Being directly on the equator, the Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination – there isn't a clear best time for a Galapagos Cruise. That said, the cool/dry season is June – December; the warm/wet season, January – May. During the cool/dry season, the more nutrient-rich waters mean more wildlife can be seen feeding in the water, but visibility isn't as good. Temperatures are in the low to mid-70s. During the warm/wet season, waters are less nutrient-rich and therefore extremely clear, which is great for visibility when diving or snorkeling. The disadvantages to the warm/wet season include more people on the islands with you, hotter temperatures (as high as the mid-80s) and and not much shade on the paths from the strong sun. Read more about the climate and the seasonality of Galapagos here.

Which ship/category should I chose for my Galapagos Cruise?

There are over 70 cruise ships operating in Galapagos, all of which are tailored to fit specific needs (family-friendly, single-traveller friendly, more active, more luxurious etc.). Therefore we recommend talking to one of our friendly Galapagos experts. We know all the ships we offer on Galapatours personally and will be glad to advise you on boats and itineraries that will suit your budget and what you want to get out of your trip to Galapagos. Read more about the topic of Motion sickness, Child Discounts or Single Traveler's discounts here.

Which itinerary should I pick for my Galapagos Tour?

We make sure that all Galapatours cruises, whatever their length, will give you a fantastic experience of the Galapagos islands, their unique wildlife and incredible habitats. However, if you are planning a trip to Galapagos as your sole destination, then we really recommend choosing an 8 to 15 day itinerary for your cruise. Because of the longer time available, a cruise of this length will typically allow you visit up to three times as many islands and visitor sites as a shorter trip. If you have a particular interest in bird or marine life, Galapagos ecology, evolution in action, and so on, then a longer cruise will allow you to fully indulge in your passions and interests. You may find that a shorter Galapagos cruise doesn't give you enough time to experience all that you can in the archipelago, and you may end up missing out of particular species or habitats that you hoped to see. If you are visiting Galapagos as part of a wider South American trip, or you aren't worried about seeing everything you possibly can, then shorter 4 to 6 day itineraries may be ideal for you. These cruises will still give you an amazing introduction to the marvels Galapagos has to offer, and these shorter cruises can be better for families traveling with younger children, who may find longer periods on a boat a little restricting.


For more information on Galapagos Cruises, feel free to contact us with any question or visit our FAQ section, where we answer more than 80 frequently asked questions regarding our Galapagos Cruises, such as Which Galapagos Islands should I visit?, What does a typical day on a Galapagos Cruise ship look like? or Why do all Galapagos itineraries have fixed itineraries?