Suarez Point, Galapagos

One of the most wildlife-rich sites in Galapagos


Suarez Point is on the western tip of Espanola and is one of the most wildlife-packed of all the visitor sites in the Galapagos. After a wet landing on a beach that's frequented by Galapagos Sea Lions you can enjoy a 2 mile hike along a trail that will take you up around the cliffs.

The range of wildlife on show here is simply stunning. This is a great place to view the remarkable Galapagos Blue-Footed Booby as well as their cousins the Nazca Booby. You can also see the rare Waved Albatross at Suarez Point, where they use the cliff tops to launch themselves into the air over the ocean.

Another famous natural feature here is the blowhole. This geological formation funnels the incoming waves into a chamber where it gets compressed and then the air and seawater are forced out at great speed, making a spectacular plume of water shoot high into the air.

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Highlights at Suarez Point

  • The blowhole, sending water high into the air
  • Great variety of wildlife
  • Photographer's dream!

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