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All these Galapagos Cruises offer German-speaking guides upon request
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Do you offer German-speaking guided Galapagos cruises?

Yes, we do! A range of the cruises we offer are able to provide German-speaking naturalist guides. We appreciate that your experience will be best if you are able interact with your expert in your native language, and we're pleased to be able to offer this on select cruises.

As a German company, we pride ourselves on working directly with the Galapagos boat owners and operators in order to offer German language services in Galapagos. For more information on which cruises can provide German-speaking naturalist guides please contact one of our specialist advisers today.

Can you provide German language information about travel to Galapagos?

Yes we can! Please feel free to visit our German language site at

As well as complete listing of all cruises in German, you can also visit our entire Galapagos cruise FAQ as well as German language information on all the Galapagos Islands, their visitor points, and a selection of the most remarkable wildlife you will encounter on your trip.

For more information, why not call one of our German-speaking Galapagos experts today?

Could I charter a Galapagos cruise with a German-speaking guide?

Yes, we would be happy to discuss an exclusive charter with German-speaking Galapagos guide for you.

This option may be perfect for family trips or for large groups of friends. You will receive a very intimate Galapagos experience and all the information will be delivered in your native language.

Galapagos cruise charters do get booked up far in advance, so if this is something you are interested in please contact one of our Galapagos travel experts today for more details on this service.