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Enjoy Your Uninterrupted Experience in Quito and Galápagos

Latest Update: 15 January 2024

As the founder of Galapatours, I am writing this article to provide you with a comprehensive update on the current situation in Ecuador. Recent events pertaining to organized crime have garnered attention in the media, prompting an increased number of inquiries from our valued clients. We recognize the significance of transparency and aim to offer insightful details about the prevailing circumstances for prospective travelers.

Situation for Foreign Travelers: With operational teams based in both Quito and Guayaquil, we maintain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. In addition, I recently visited Quito and Galapagos myself, in to personally assess the conditions on the ground. My observations, coupled with the input from our teams in Guayaquil and Quito, affirm that there is no impact on foreign travelers. Airports countrywide are fully operational, the road network is flowing normally, and everyday life has continued over the last week. There is a stronger police and armed forces presence at strategic locations, particularly in the coastal provinces and Guayaquil. Galapatours and the tourism industry as a whole have not experienced any incidents, either concerning staff or guests. It’s worth noting that the Galapagos Islands have historically ranked, and continue to rank, among the safest places in the world.

Moreover, travel advisories issued by authoritative sources, including the U.S., German, and French Federal Foreign Offices, affirm that there is no cause for concern specifically regarding Galapagos. The current challenges primarily affect specific outskirts of Guayaquil, the coastal region of Esmeraldas, and the border region with Colombia—none of which are part of our Galapagos itineraries. I can assure you that the Galapagos Islands themselves remain entirely unaffected by the situation. Therefore, our existing cancellation policies and terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Safety Assurance and Continuous Monitoring: The safety of our travelers remains our top priority. Our collaborative efforts extend across the entire Galapatours team, working closely with our partners on the mainland and the islands. We maintain continuous monitoring of the situation, engaging in regular communication with guides, local offices, and service providers. This ensures that well-informed decisions are made for the secure execution of all our tours.

In the unlikely event of any changes to the current situation, we are committed to providing prompt updates to our travelers. For any inquiries or additional information, our dedicated travel experts are at your disposal. If you'd like to discuss any specific details or have further questions, please reach out to your Galapagos Specialist. You can also schedule a video call with us here

Thank you for your trust in Galapatours. We look forward to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all our travelers.

Warm regards,

Benno the Founder of Galapatours

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