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Terms and conditions

General conditions

  • The rebooking voucher is worth EUR 100 (or GBP 100 or USD 100, depending on the currency of the original booking).
  • All customers traveling with a Ventura TRAVEL GmbH brand receive a rebooking voucher following the end travel date of their reservation; the voucher is non-transferable.
  • The rebooking voucher is valid for 6 months from the travel end date of the reservation; no extensions are allowed.
  • The value of the voucher can only be redeemed in combination with a new booking with a Ventura TRAVEL GmbH brand; a cash pay-out of the voucher is not possible.
  • A minimum reservation value of EUR 1,000 per person is required for application of the rebooking voucher.
  • Voucher holders can only apply one rebooking voucher per customer; the application of multiple vouchers in the same booking is allowed, as long as each voucher is applied to a different customer in the same booking.
  • A rebooking voucher cannot be combined with any other vouchers.
  • In case the new reservation with the redeemed voucher is canceled, the value of this voucher expires.

Referral conditions

  • The rebooking voucher can also act as referral voucher: the voucher holder can refer one (1) new customer to a Ventura TRAVEL GmbH brand.
  • As a referral voucher, the original rebooking voucher will double in value to EUR 200 (or GRP 200 or USD 200, depending on the currency of the original booking) for the original voucher holder, while the new customer will get a EUR 100 voucher.
  • The original and new customers must have active reservations to redeem the value of these vouchers; the active reservations can be for the same or different travel dates or destinations.
  • The extra EUR 100 (or GBP 100 or USD 100, depending on the currency of the original booking) for the original customer can only be redeemed as long as the original customer's new reservation has not yet been paid in full.
  • In case the new reservations with the redeemed vouchers are canceled, the value of these vouchers expires.

Valid as of 28/02/2023

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