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Galapagos Small Ship Cruises

Dive Deep into the Galapagos Experience

The Distinct Advantages of a Small Galapagos Cruise

The main appeal of a small Galápagos cruise is the close and personal wildlife encounters it offers. With a typical capacity of 12 to 16 passengers, these ships ensure that each island visit is less crowded and more immersive. Unlike larger vessels that split passengers into multiple groups for excursions, small ship cruises streamline the process, allowing more time on the islands. The presence of a dedicated naturalist guide ensures a deeper understanding of the Galápagos, fostering enriching discussions that can continue throughout the journey. If you're looking for an immersive Galápagos experience, our expert advisers can guide you to the perfect small ship cruise.

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Why Choose Galapagos Small Ship Cruises with Galapatours?

Endemic Galápagos Cruise

Galapatours offers a diverse range of vessels, including sailing catamaran, sail yachts, motor catamarans and motor yachts that provide a unique and intimate Galápagos experience. For those looking for a personalized journey, there's an option to charter these ships, making it ideal for special occasions or group travels. With fewer passengers on board, these ships ensure a closer connection to the Galapagos and its wonders. Given their popularity, it's advisable to book these small ship cruises ahead of time. Our expert advisers are ready to assist you in selecting the best ship tailored to your needs.

What to Anticipate from a Small Galapagos Cruise

Endemic Galápagos Cruise

While they might not have the extensive amenities of larger vessels, small ships offer a unique and cozy atmosphere. These ships are designed for comfort, often featuring spacious rooms and communal areas conducive to relaxation and socializing. Expansive sundecks, al fresco bars, and communal lounges are common features. The limited number of guests ensures a higher crew-to-guest ratio, leading to attentive service and a chance to get to know the crew better. In short, opting for a small Galápagos cruise with Galapatours means choosing a more personal and immersive experience. Contact our Galápagos travel experts today to learn more about our small ship cruise options.

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