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Galapagos Cruise Charter Deals

Best Price Guarantee for any charter from 14 to 90 passengers

Why should I charter a Galápagos cruise?

There are a many factors behind the decision to charter a Galápagos cruise At Galapatours we have received charter requests from clients of all types who have wanted to experience the Galápagos in this way for a number reasons.

The first is privacy and exclusivity. Public figures and VIPs can relax knowing that they will not be disturbed while they are on the boat. They can enjoy their Galápagos cruise without being concerned about security, and for many, it's the perfect way to experience a unique destination with family out of the spotlight.

Another reason is to enjoy a Galápagos cruise experience with a group of friends or large family. If you have enough travel companions to fill an entire Galápagos cruise boat then you will all end up paying less per head than if you had booked individually. You also get to share the experience together, without being split across several boats, only meeting at the end of the cruise.

A third reason is for coporate clients. You may wish to charter a Galápagos cruise to offer the ultimate employee incentive reward to your top performers. Some clients have chartered a Galápagos cruise as the ideal opportunity for their senior executives and partners to come together and mix business with pleasiure.

Whatever your reason for wanting a Galápagos cruise charter, we can help. Contact one of our Galápagos experts today for the full details on a cruise charter and sample pricing.

What our customers say about their adventure

What an unforgettable trip!
Our guide, Raúl, was extremely knowledgeable about all the birds, animals and history of the islands. Although I did not participate in snorkeling, others did and got a lot of great underwater pictures. I saw the giant tortoise, blue footed and red footed boobies, volcanic formations and other animals only found on the islands. My 7 days - 6 nights was just a perfect amount of time.
Galapatours picked the perfect route for us
The best vacation I've ever had. Everything was so well coordinated and the crew members did an amazing job. My partner and I had the most wonderful first vacation experience together. Luis, our host on the boat, was extremely energetic and very entertaining. The tour guides, Victor and Enrique, were also fabulous. It was amazing how much experience they had on the history and science behind Galapagos.
Galapagos was amazing!
We had a lot of fun on the Nemo III! The group and the pace of the trip were perfect for our young family. The crew was great and helped keep the trip interesting and exciting for our kids. Our guide kept the hikes engaging for our entire family and make the trip a truly memorable event for everyone.

Can I charter an entire Galapagos cruise ship?

Yes, you can! Whether you're looking for the ultimate in exclusive "once-in-a-lifetime" trips to the wonderful Galápagos islands, or you're planning to travel as a large group, chartering a boat could be the ideal solution.

We have booked Galápagos charters for couples who wanted the ultimate luxury adventure, for extended families looking to celebrate a special occasion together, and for corporate clients who were looking to resell Galápagos cruises.

When you charter a boat in Galápagos you will receive all the same benefits that would apply to individual passengers booking places on a normal Galápagos cruise: fantastic naturalist guides to bring the wildlife and habitats of the islands to life for you; a full range of excursions such as snorkeling, kayaking, shore visits, panga rides, and more; the care and service of the ship's crew looking after your every need while you are on board, including all meals, snacks, and soft drinks. With a charter, you may be able to tailor certain aspects of the ship's usual operations to your needs.

So whether you are looking for privacy and exclusivity, or to share your adventure with friends and family, or as business opportunity we can help you. Because chartering is a specialist service we are unable to offer charter pricing on our main site. Please contact one of our knowledgeable Galápagos travel advisers today to discuss your Galápagos cruise charter and receive a fully tailored quote and advice on ship availability to meet your exact needs.

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

If I charter a Galapagos cruise, can I customize my own itinerary?

This may be possible, but it is not guaranteed. In order to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Galápagos, and to prevent the wildlife from being excessively disturbed, Galápagos cruise operators have to submit their itineraries for approval from the National Park authorities. Boats are restricted from returning to visitor sites too quickly in order to prevent the most popular sites from becoming too crowded and increasing the likelihood of damage caused by both boats and visitors.

Most Galápagos boats operate on a two or three week rotation on their itineraries, spreading out the number of times they return to each visitor site. If you are looking for a Galápagos charter with some specific islands in mind, it may be possible to choose the particular itinerary week that best fits your chosen "must see" islands or activities. Because Galápagos cruises are limited in availability you must book your charter well in advance to take advantage of this. If you can be flexible with dates, this will be a distinct advantage.

In rare cases, there may be boats available that can be chartered to sail an itinerary that is tailored exactly to your requirements. This may be because the vessel has been in dry dock having a refit, or it has otherwise not hit its quota of visitor points in the recent past. We would need as much notice as possible to help you with such a charter, and flexibility on dates would be required.

To discuss a private Galápagos charter in more detail, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable Galápagos advisers now. They can walk you through the whole charter process and help you to find the perfect Galápagos cruise charter today.

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