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Galápagos Cruise Vacations

A selection of the best Galápagos cruise vacations

When is the best time to take a Galápagos cruise vacation?

Because of their climate, the Galápagos islands are a true year-round vacation destination with no “best time” to visit for travelers. Wildlife is always active, and different creatures breed and raise young throughout the whole year. This means you will see fascinating courtship, nesting and feeding behaviours whenever you visit. If your plans are flexible, then you can search for all the available cruises within a given date range on the Galapatours portal.

Although this means there isn’t a “low season” for the Galápagos cruise fleet, there are more popular times for visitors to arrive in the islands. Cruises tend to sell out early for the period around Christmas and New Year, at Easter time, and in July and August - school vacation times! If you want the best choice of cruises during these times booking early is very important.

To secure your ideal Galápagos cruise vacation for the dates that suit you, call one of our Galápagos advisers today to help you find the perfect cruise for you, especially if you would like to travel at the businer times of the year.

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

What makes the best Galapagos cruise vacation?

When it comes to visiting Galápagos there's no doubt that the islands and their wildlife are the stars of the show. So it makes sense to ensure that your Galápagos cruise offers you a fantastic itinerary that lets you get a true flavor of these islands and the remarkable creatures that live here. Our unique portal lets you filter all of the cruises by the visitor points you want to see, and the wildlife you want to encounter the most. This allows you quickly to find a shortlist of Galápagos cruises that will make sure you have an experience tailored to your needs. Another factor is certainly the standard of accommodation you would like to enjoy. Whether you want to sacrifice luxury by choosing a budget class ship, or you want to make your trip-of-a-lifetime truly unforgettable by picking a luxury cruise, Galapatours has something for everyone. Whatever class of ship you choose, all are operated to the appropriate safety and environmental standards as dictated by Ecuadorian and National Park authorities. The final piece in the puzzle is preparation. At Galapatours we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that you have everything you need to make your Galápagos cruise vacation a world-class experience. From our comprehensive FAQ on our website, to the useful Galápagos packing list we sent to all our clients, to our highly knowledgeable travel advisers available to answer all your questions by email, phone or live chat.


Why is a cruise the best Galapagos vacation option?

There are many reasons why choosing a cruise vacation is the best way to experience the magical and unique Galápagos islands. Here are just a few of them:

Sustainability: Many of the boats offering Galápagos cruises have been purpose-built or purpose-refit for Galápagos. Some even have sails that can be used to assist the engine or even take over completely if the wind is right. Others are fitted with solar panels to recharge batteries. All have to operate to strict environmental controls concerning waste water, emissions and garbage disposal. The boats all carry zodiacs (known locally as pangas) which get you to the shore without damaging the seabed or other fragile ecosystems.

Itinerary: There's no better way to see more of the islands than on a Galápagos cruise vacation. By traveling at night while you sleep you can wake up to new sights and experiences every morning. From the lush, forested islands like Isabela, to the remarkable collapsed caldera that makes up the "Island of Birds" Genovesa, to the "lunar landscape" lava fields of the younger islands, a cruise simply allows you to experience more of Galápagos during the time you are there.

Expertise: Every Galápagos cruise vacation is accompanied by an expert, National Park-approved naturalist guide. Our guides are passionate about the Galápagos, their environment, wildlife and habitats - and their preservation. Daily briefings will help you to get a deep understanding of the islands, and your guide quickly becomes part of your tight-knit community of fellow travelers. Sharing your day's experiences and chatting with them over dinner gives you insights that other Galápagos vacation options simply can't deliver.

Get in touch with us today and we will help you pick the perfect Galápagos cruise vacation that will leave you memories that will last for a lifetime.

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