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Will I see Galapagos Sea Lions on my cruise?

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Will I see Galápagos Sea Lions on my cruise?

Will I see Galápagos Sea Lions on my cruise?

Yes, you certainly will. The Galapagos Sea Lion is a common sight all around the islands, and you’ll never be far from a group of them contentedly basking in the warm sun. There are around 50,000 living around the islands. They are social animals, living in large colonies that often take over whole stretches of sandy beach where they can bask, bark, argue, snooze and play.

A great example can be seen if you visit Playa Loberia (literally "Sea Lion Beach") on San Cristobal. The beach in the centre of the island's main town Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is also covered in sea lions who have the run of the place! Elsewhere on your cruise around the Galapagos you will see them on almost every island - and in places, you can even snorkel with them - an unforgettable experience.

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