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Which category of cruise should I choose?

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Which category of cruise should I choose?

Which category of cruise should I choose?

The best category of ship for you will be a very personal choice. Some people choose the Galapagos as a destination as part of a wonderful "holiday of a lifetime" experience. Some come to the archipelago with the aim of seeing as much of the unique flora and fauna as possible. Some people want to travel on a strict budget, whilst others prefer to tour in the lap of luxury.

At Galapatours we offer vessels and itineraries that can cater to almost every need. Our website lists a great variety of ships, boats and yachts that each offer their own unique take on a visit to Galapagos. We highly recommend that you contact one of our Galapagos experts with your requirements as we can then advise you on boats and itineraries that will suit your budget and what you want to get out of your trip to Galapagos.

To help with budget planning, we list our cruise vessels in different "classes". Although there is some crossover between them, broadly speaking you will find that they fit into the following brackets:

Budget Class Galapaos Cruises (up to $2,500 for an 8 day cruise)

Often cabins have bunk beds and are quite small. These boats are best for traveling and exploring, rather than being a holiday experience in themselves.

Mid-Range Galapagos Cruises ($2,500- $3,500 for an 8 day cruise)

No Bunk beds, but still small rooms. Higher standards of decor and service.

First Class Galapagos Cruises ($3,500$ - $5,000 for an 8 day cruise)

Big rooms, first class service, luxurious touches.

Luxury Class Galapagos Cruises (over $5,000+ for an 8 day cruise)

The full luxury holiday experience. Amazing service and full luxury surroundings, including facilities like jacuzzi pools, champagne, fine dining, and more.

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