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What happens if my Galapagos cruise ship has a breakdown?

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What happens if my Galápagos cruise ship has a breakdown?

What happens if my Galápagos cruise ship has a breakdown?

All boats in the Galapatours fleet are maintained to a very high standard, with many being purpose-built for Galapagos cruising and only a few years old. All boats carry an engineer as part of the crew, and because of this, anything more than a minor breakdown that is quickly fixed is rare.

In the unlikely event of something major occurring the boat operator will be responsible for resolving the situation appropriately. If mechanical or other problems have negatively impacted your trip and you are not satisfied with the way the boat operator has dealt with it, please let Galapatours know as soon as possible. We will assist by liaising with the operator for you if required and progressing any complaint that you may have. For our cancellation policy, please compare our Terms and Conditions.

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