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What does a typical day on a Galapagos Cruise look like?

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What does a typical day on a Galápagos Cruise look like?

What does a typical day on a Galápagos Cruise look like?

The highlights of being in the Galapagos are the excursions, where you will set off on your yacht's panga - a sturdy inflatable raft that takes you quickly and safely to and from the shore. On arrival, your naturalist guide takes over, pointing out each island's unique species and geological wonders. Galapatours naturalist guides are among the very best in the islands, and their knowledge and experience is second to none. No guidebook can prepare you for the thrilling experience of walking among the islands' wildlife, discovering how they have adapted and photographing them from a few feet away.

Every day you will enjoy at least one excursion, which may include activities such as exploring on foot, kayaking, snorkeling with equipment provided by the crew or taking a panga to explore the islands' hidden coastal treasures in the shallows. Our expertise and intimate knowledge of the islands means there are plenty of private landings on beaches and coves where you can simply relax and enjoy the sites and sounds of the Galapagos.

The fun does not end when you return from your excursion. At night, clear skies make for spectacular stargazing and your boat's sundeck can turn into the biggest planetarium you will have ever visited! Your on-board naturalists also offer nightly presentations about the islands' history, geography or wildlife. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and there is also plenty of time to relax over dinner and drinks with your fellow travellers.

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