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What is the inter-island flight schedule in Galapagos?

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What is the interisland flight schedule in Galápagos?

What is the interisland flight schedule in Galápagos?

When hopping from island to island in Galapagos, a scenic alternative to the cheaper speed boats and ferries are the inter-island flight. Emetebe operates 'puddle hoppers' which usually have strict weight limits of 20 lbs per person. The flight is quite a scenic tour in and of itself. The big advantage is that the flights get you there in about 30 minutes. The disadvantage is that the price is $175+ each way for a foreigner and flight times are not dependable. You must arrive to the airport at least 30 minutes prior to your flight. It is much better to arrange a taxi to pick you up, especially in Isabela and especially on a Sunday when no one is working.

Baggage Restrictions:

Guests are allowed 1 checked luggage of no more than 20 lbs + 1 small carry on.

Pricing for inter-island flights in Galapagos:

US$175.00 per way, this price may vary depending on the season

Flight Schedule:

You can fly from Baltra Island (servicing Santa Cruz Island), Isabela Island, and San Cristobal.

Baltra – San Cristobal departs at 9:30 am

Baltra – Isabela departs at 12:30 pm

San Cristobal to Baltra departs at 10:30 am

San Cristobal to Isabela departs at 7:30 am *

Isabela to Baltra departs at 8:30 am

Isabela to San Cristobal departs at 1:30 pm *

*Note: There are no direct speed boats between these two islands. You’ll lose most of the day to travel if you route by speedboat. It is best to fly between San Cristobal and Isabela islands. Here’s a short clip on what it’s like to fly on these small puddle jumpers:

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