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Can I see whales and dolphins in Galapagos?

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Can I see whales and dolphins in Galapagos?

Can I see whales and dolphins in Galapagos?

Over 20 different species of whale and dolphin have been identified within the Galápagos marine national park. Some are present all year round, like dolphins, orcas and sperm whales, whilst others visit the islands seasonally, including blue whales and humpback whales.

You are likely to encounter whales and dolphins on your Galápagos cruise whatever the time of the year, but the cooler months of July through November usually offer the most sightings, with the peak in September and October. Whales are more commonly seen in the western Galápagos, and the waters between Isabela and Fernandina islands are a particular hot spot. It's not uncommon when sailing between island excursions to enjoy the glorious sight of dolphins riding the bow wave of your boat.

Some species you may see on your Galapatours cruise include:

  • Blue whale;
  • Humpback whale;
  • Orca, or killer whale;
  • Minke whale;
  • Sperm whale;
  • Bottlenose dolphin;
  • Common Dolphin.

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