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What is included in a 7 day Galapagos cruise?

All of our 7 day Galapagos cruises are offered on an "all-inclusive" basis with just a few exceptions. Every cruise we offer includes transfers to and from the airport in Galapagos, all meals and snacks on board your cruise boat, all excursions and activities, use of kayaks, paddle boards and snorkeling gear where carried, and unlimited soft drinks, teas, coffees and juices.

There are some things that aren't included in a one week Galapagos cruise, and these include tips and gratuities, and alcohol. Some Galapagos cruises do include alcohol as well, and we make sure that each of our ship listings gives you a comprehensive breakdown of exactly what is and isn't included so that you are not left with any surprises at the end of your 7 day Galapagos cruise.

For more information about what's included on a Galapagos cruise why not speak to one of our friendly Galapagos expert travel advisors today? You can phone us, start a live chat or drop us an email. We're waiting to help!

Why do you list 8 day Galapagos cruises, not 7 days?

This is a good question! Most people search for a "1 week cruise" or a "7 day cruise", but in Galapagos, because of the way the ships have to run their itineraries, there's actually no such thing as a 7 day cruise! You will always actually get 8 days on board with a "7 day Galapagos cruise"!

The reason for this is that because of the timing of flights to and from Galapagos and Ecuador, almost all vessels will arrive in port in time for the late morning flight arrivals, and then at the end of your cruise drop you off ready for the early afternoon departures. In this way, everyone gets 7 nights on the ship, but you get a bonus afternoon and morning at either end.

No matter how you describe it, we feel that a 7 day Galapagos cruise is the perfect balance between time, cost and being able to get a real experience of Galapagos, and this length is among our most popular cruises. If you'd like help choosing your own perfect 7 day Galapagos cruise simply pick up the phone and speak with one of our knowledgeable Galapagos travel advisors today.

What is the best time of year for a 7 day Galapagos cruise?

Because they straddle the Equator, the Islands are a true year-round destination, and a 7 day Galapagos cruise will give you a good flavor of the islands at any time of year.

If you are prone to seasickness, then it may be a good idea to avoid September, as ocean currents make this the time when the biggest swells are felt. However, if you book an 8 day Galapagos cruise on a larger ship, or a modern twin-hulled catamaran you will benefit from their increased stability at any time of year. You can use our clever cruise search filters to find itineraries featuring cruise ships and catamarans from our Galapagos cruise search pages.

If you are keen to see a particular Galapagos species at its most active, or during the mating season for example, you can check out our Galapagos animal database for more information on the best time of year for a 7 day Galapagos cruise, or speak to one of our friendly Galapagos experts by phone or live chat for more help finding the perfect Galapagos cruise for you.