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What is the tipping recommendation in Galapagos?

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What is the tipping recommendation in Galapagos?

What is the tipping recommendation in Galapagos?

The most important thing to remember is to never feel pressured to give any particular amount - tips are never an obligation but should be given as a reward to staff for good service. You can discuss tips with fellow passengers - many groups end up pooling tips to be split between the guide and the crew. If anyone gives you exceptional service then it would be appropriate to give an additional personal tip. Also, it's worth noting that Galapagos guides actually receive an extremely high wage in comparison to the average Ecuadorian income. 

As a general guide, Galapatours consider the following amounts to be suitable for tips (suggested amounts are per passenger and to be split according to personal preference between guide and crew): 

Budget or Mid-Price Galapagos cruise

4 days - $40-$50

5 days - $50-$70

8 days - $80-$120

First-Class and Luxury Galapagos Cruise

4 days - $50-$75

5 days - $75-$100

8 days - $120-$150

Very rarely, the boat guide or captain may pressure passengers to tip more than this, but we urge our clients only to give what they feel to be appropriate and not to feel uneasy if giving less than is suggested.

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