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Add Peace of mind to your Galápagos Cruise

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Yearning for your next adventure, yet thoughts of possible Covid-related quarantines are holding you back?

Let us turn your next adventure into a reality. With our Corona Travel Protection through HanseMerkur, you can now fully protect your travel plans.

Simply opt for the powerful all-round protection for your next trip when you book.

The advantages of Corona Travel Protection

Leading up to your departure, HanseMerkur will reimburse any interruption, cancellation or additional costs that you might face in the following circumstances, and even provide a pro-rata refund for any days or travel plans affected during your trip for added peace of mind.

Should you need to quarantine before or during your trip due to an official health authority measure (e.g. from the government or doctor).

Should you need to cancel or interrupt your trip due to you or your travel companion being forced to quarantine.

In case you’re denied boarding by an airline due to an official health authority measure for a flight included in a travel package purchased by us. Valid for both outbound and return flights.

No additional costs for ease and peace of mind, as the Corona Travel Protection is included with Flexi fare and there is no deductible in case of insurance claims!

Complements existing insurance, so that you can enjoy the benefits of our Corona Travel Protection through HanseMerkur and organize any additional travel insurance places as you see fit.

Worldwide cover as the Corona Travel Protection applies to all travel destinations and all types of travel whether on land, on water or in the air.

Want to know more?

Should you have any queries, please review our handy FAQs below. Also, click here to find out more about the measures Ecuador is taking to combat Covid and the Status Quo on the Galápagos so that you can book with confidence today, and we can get back to exploring our world together.

Corona Travel Protection

The Corona Travel Protection applies if you or a person at risk (e.g. your partner, your co-traveler, etc.) are suspected of being infected with Covid-19 and you have to go into quarantine due to an order, or you are denied transportation.

There is no coverage of local, regional, or supra-regional quarantine measures, or of exit restrictions ordered by authorities.

Our special Covid Travel Protection only covers fees related to cancellation and/or trip interruption due to corona-related issues (e.g. quarantine following a positive PCR test result). Our insurance partner HanseMerkur offers comprehensive travel health insurance packages, which can be booked during the reservation process.

No, only cases of personal quarantine are insured. A high risk of infection, or fear of contracting the coronavirus, is not an insured event.

Persons at risk include individuals who:

  • live with you in the same household (e.g. your spouse, partner, flatmate), or
  • have booked a trip together with you (e.g. your friend or colleague)

Please first contact us to confirm that you are cancelling your reservation according to the criteria of the Corona Travel Protection. We will then process your request according to our terms and conditions. You may have to pay cancellation fees, which you can then get back as a reimbursement from HanseMerkur.

We are happy to help you with, for example, all the necessary arrangements for an extended stay at a hotel, or for booking or changing flights. If these additional services are directly booked through us, we will add these expenses to your invoice for payment. After payment, you can get back these additional costs as a reimbursement from HanseMerkur.

In the event of a claim, you can use the HanseMerkur online claim notification system:

HanseMerkur will need the following documents from you:

  • Copy of the booking confirmation (and any additional costs)
  • Copy of the insurance certificate
  • Address information of the policyholder
  • Bank details for reimbursement

The Corona Travel Protection is part of reservations in the Flexi fare. It cannot be purchased separately or as part of a reservation in the Classic fare.

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